Deconet Offers are smart contract powered proposals and workflows for milestone based projects

Apr 29 · Unlisted
Client’s, after the milestone has been delivered

Deconet now lets freelancers send their clients milestone based proposal where the client can deposit their funds directly into Smart Escrow, a smart contract running on Ethereum.

The Smart Escrow contract keeps freelancers and clients aligned by having the client prepay for the milestone and with agreed upon timeframes for delivery and review of that milestone. If timeframes are exceed, the other party can (but doesn’t have to) claim the funds.

With Offers, clients and freelancers can be fully aligned and transparent, in in the flow of finances as well as process.

Offers is live (and free) for members of the community, so if you’re reading this post, you’re included! To create your first offer, sign up here.

Why create Offers?
Two months ago, we launched a smart contract contracted powered freelancer marketplace. The freelancers on the platform have told us they like the behavior that’s incentivized from using Smart Escrow, and would like to be able to use the same functionally working with clients they already had a relationship with, so we added Offers!

Making the system easy to use for everyone, especially those who may not be that familiar with blockchain, is one of our top priorities. That’s why we solved private key management, have set USDC (an ERC20 fiat pegged stable coin) as the medium of exchange, and also started supporting fiat payments (via Stipe).

In order to send your first Offer, login to Deconet as a Maker and select ‘Create Offer”.

We’re hard at work to build the platform that let’s the world work they way they want, so improvements and updates will continue to be rolling out. Jump into the product and let us know what you think!


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Peer to Peer Freelance Marketplace

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