Hack.Summit(“Blockchain”) Contest Spotlight: NuCypher

Building Innovative Data Privacy Use-cases

Apr 25, 2018 · 2 min read

NuCypher, a data privacy layer for blockchain and decentralized applications, is hosting a contest! The challenge will be featured at hack.summit(“blockchain”), a global, virtual blockchain hackathon taking place from July 6th-8th, co-hosted by Hack VC and Deconet.

NuCypher gives developers a way to store, share, and manage private data on public blockchains and we know that many innovative use cases of the protocol remain unexplored. That’s the precise reason we think participating in this challenge will be so exciting.

Examples of possible projects include:

  • A GUI interface for the NuCypher network. Bonus points for included wallet or the ability to stake a proxy node from it.
  • An Umbral implementation in a different language other than Python and JavaScript.
  • Innovative and unique use cases of the NuCypher protocol.

(Projects must be released under an open source license to qualify.)

In order to compete for the NuCypher 10 ETH reward and many others, register for hack.summit().

You can access the challenge, prize, judging criteria, and terms and conditions here.

For more information about NuCypher: https://www.nucypher.com/

Apply for the hack.summit() hackathon here: https://hacksummit.org/hackathon

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