Feature Release: Public and Private Offers for Freelancers

Now you can use Deconet to send milestone based proposals and stay aligned with Smart Escrow

Client’s view, after the milestone has been delivered

Deconet is a the platform of interaction for freelancers and their clients.

Today, we’re releasing Offers, a feature that lets freelancers send potential clients milestone based proposals. Once accepted, clients can directly deposit funds into Smart Escrow for the project.

Clients and freelancers can be fully aligned around finances and expectations.

Smart Escrow keeps freelancers and clients aligned by having the client prepay for the milestone and with agreed upon timeframes for delivery and review of that milestone. If timeframes are exceed, the other party can (but doesn’t have to) claim the funds.

Deconet is live (and free) for members of the community, so if you’re reading this post, you’re included! To create your first offer, sign up here.

Why create Offers?
Two months ago, we launched a smart contract contracted powered freelancer marketplace. The freelancers on the platform have told us they like the behavior that’s incentivized from using Smart Escrow, and would like to be able to use the same functionally working with clients they already had a relationship with, so we added Offers!

Deconet supports work that’s done for fiat currency (currently via Stripe) as well as cryptocurrency (via USDC).

In order to send your first Offer, login to Deconet as a Maker and select ‘Create Offer”, and follow these steps.

If you have any questions, feedback, or ideas on how we can improve — please get in touch with us via the chat widget or at contact@deco.network