Results from our Global Blockchain Hackathon (Part 1)

Deconet is a blockchain based platform for developer and distributed collective organizations to collaborate and get paid.

One way to collaborate and earn is via contests, and we’ve just concluded announcing the grand prize announcements from the Hack.Summit Virtual Hackathon. Nearly 2k active developers competed for over $150k in crypto currency prizes from the following sponsors!

Bluzelle, Elastos, Mobius, NuCypher, Komodo, Mixin, Torque, Aragon, Wanchain, Dispatch, ConsenSys, Havven, Datum, Humaniq, Aeternity, MakerDAO, Bankex Foundation, Apla

Each of these sponsors setup challenges, and the winners of these challenges will be announced over a series of posts on this blog!

In addition to the sponsor specific prize, the grand prize of nearly $40k was determined by the following judges: (Thanks again to the judging panel!)

Rong Chen — Elastos, Founder and Chairman
Anastasia Green — Aura, CEO and Founder
Neeraj Murarka — Bluzelle, Co-founder and CTO
Zane Witherspoon — Dispatch Labs, Co-founder and CTO
Joe McCann — NodeSource, Founder and CEO
Scott Hanselman — Microsoft, Principal Program Manager
Jordan Clifford — Scalar Capital, Co-founder & Managing Director

The grand prize winner of the Hack.Summit Virtual Hackathon is TypoToken by k06a!

Typotoken is a solidity library that lets you recover ethereum tokens sent to the wrong address. It lets a token contract set the number of allowed typos, and then users who have sent tokens to an address with typos in it can recover those tokens. For example, a token contract could let users apply up to 3 insertion, deletion, or replacement operations on an address to “fix” the address and undo the transfer.

Stay tuned for more info about winners of the sponsor specific challenges!

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