The Future of Work, Powered by P2P Smart Escrow

Announcing the Deconet Freelance Marketplace

Deconet is a managed freelance marketplace powered by blockchain enabled peer to peer escrow. We're pleased to let you know the product is live and projects are being built out at this very moment!

Blockchain UX?
As you can see in the video, Deconet has “solved” blockchain user experience. The marketplace is decentralized, yet no third party wallet or recovery phrase is needed. Read more about how this works.

Why launch as a managed marketplace?
Freelancer marketplaces are only as good as the quality of the talent you can connect with and the products that are delivered. All the talent on the supply side of Deconet is highly vetted so that entrepreneurs and companies getting their projects built via Deconet can do so with the best developers, designers, product managers, and creative directors on the planet.

What’s peer to peer escrow?
Money flows from clients to freelancers on Deconet via Smart Escrow. This system is powered by blockchain enabled smart contracts (aka programable money), so all parties can be sure that the work is going to get done and that everyone will be properly paid, with alignment on timeframes. Specifically, clients and freelancers agree on the length of time to deliver each milestone and the amount of time for feedback upon delivery of the milestones.

If you’re an entrepreneur or company looking to build and design with cutting edge teams, request an invite to Deconet!