What is the Deconet Asset Marketplace today?

The Deconet Asset Marketplace is live on the Ethereum mainnet, but what actually is it?

It’s a place where you can buy and sell software licenses and API calls on chain. So, if you’ve written software and want to sell it, you could list it on Deconet. You could do the same if you have an API you want to sell. On the other hand, you can also buy software and API calls that people have listed.

Buying and selling software licenses on chain has many benefits including an immutable record of the sale that is always easily referenceable via the ethereum transaction that represents the sale itself. This also makes it super easy to sell your code, since all you have to do is upload it and set a price for a license.

Deconet also makes it very easy to sell API calls, since all you have to do to sell an API is enter the base url of the API, a documentation URL, and set a price per API call. Buying APIs is very convenient too, and you can deposit ETH to be used as API credits that are paid out as you utilize APIs listed on Deconet.

Heads Up! This application assumes that you have an understanding of how the ethereum network works and are capable of using MetaMask to send and receive ethereum transactions. You can learn more about MetaMask here: https://metamask.io/.

Note that when you perform an on-chain operation, you may have to wait for the transaction to be confirmed in MetaMask to see your changes fully reflected on the website. In some cases, you may wish to refresh the website after your transaction has been mined to see your changes reflected.

Create an account at https://app.deco.network and then visit our help page where you can learn more: https://app.deco.network/help