What Do They Mean By Deconstructing Faith?

Learning I Was Wrong

Man praying in nature

I came late to the concept of deconstructing faith. I’d guess that I first encountered the phrase no more than four years ago. Like many hearing it for the first time, I made some assumptions that turned out to be false.

The worst of these was interpreting “deconstructing” as something more like “demolishing.” I viewed atheism as…



Christianity has taken over American culture. As a result, many people have been abused and manipulated by it. The writers of this publication want that to change, so they write articles deconstructing Christianity and all of the harmful beliefs behind it.

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Jack Vance

Blogger @ Atheist Revolution (https://www.atheistrev.com/). I write about atheism, humanism, skepticism, freethought, and other topics of interest.