Decred Hackathon

Like to hack? Love to make up to $5K USD in Decred coins?

The Decred project is proud to announce a Decred hackathon during the 2018 Texas Bitcoin Conference. The prize is up to $5,000 USD payable in decred based on how complete the implementation is.

Dcrtime was written with scalability in mind, however, this was never implemented. With the imminent release of Politeia, there is a strong desire to make dcrtime scalable. This is where you, dear hacker, come in!


Take the dcrtime codebase and convert it to become a scalable platform.

In order to claim the full prize both dcrtimed proxy and dcrtimed backend are containerized and can go up/down with proper failover and recovery transparent to the caller. Automated tests to prove this claim should be considered part of the contest. Additional things that will be judged are code quality, documentation, unit tests, automated builds, automated deployment, logging solution, administrator tools/scrips, etc.

Code must be written in Go and it may not use any proprietary technology. The code must pass all travis-ci tests. The style of the new code should remain within the spirit of the surrounding code. All code that is added to the repository must be ISC licensed. The copyright of the author(s) will be added to the repository.

Groups can start organizing right now and start hacking but the code is due on October 28 at 12:00 PM CST. The hackathon will take place at the Texas Bitcoin Conference October 27–28th. The backroom will have Decred folks that can help answer questions.

Size and makeup of the team are up to the contestants but note that we can provide maximum 10 passes for each team. Those registered will receive entrance to the hackathon only.

Enter the competition by going to the following link:

Final notes

Questions about the codebase or the hackathon can be asked on slack. DM moo31337 (Marco Peereboom) with your questions but be warned that the questions must be for clarification and/or rules only.

The results will be judged by the original authors of dcrtime, and they reserve the right to determine if the implementation and architecture are of sufficient quality to claim the full or partial prize.

Results are final and cannot be disputed.

The text for this post was originally written by Marco Peereboom.