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Decred Journal — April 2021

Point Integral by @saender
  • Decred’s 6th consensus vote has passed with unanimous approval and high voter turnout.
  • Politeia v1.0 is now live with more scalable and future-proof infrastructure.
  • Politeia’s first proposal is being voted on to formalize the development roadmap and budget.
  • DCRDEX is heading towards v0.2 update with several backend and UX improvements, as well as the foundations for future exciting features.
  • Initial DCRDEX integration has been merged in Decrediton.


The work reported below has the “merged to master” status unless noted otherwise. It means that the work is completed, reviewed, and integrated into the source code that advanced users can build and run, but is not yet available in release binaries for regular users.

  • codebase converted to use the new stdaddr package. Code that deals with addresses now supports different script versions and is one step closer to being able to cleanly introduce new scripting language versions. As common for large changes, to make review easier this one was split into a series of individual commits such that everything builds and passes all tests each step of the way.
  • introduced UTXO database. It paves the way for a specialized UTXO database implementation that can be made more efficient in terms of both processing time and memory usage.
  • added median time over the last 11 blocks to verbose getblock and getblockheader results (used by DCRDEX)
  • allow to specify network interfaces to listen by their names in addition to exact IP addresses
  • a new method that returns wallet’s sync status
  • handle ticket status when the VSP has received its fee tx but has not yet broadcast it
  • fixed bugs found when used by DCRDEX
  • initial DEX integration
  • a form for funding the DEX account from the registration view
  • allow to use an existing wallet account for the DEX instead of making a new one
  • added QR code generation to export active tickets (for tracking with the Decred Address Scanner app)
  • remember ticket auto-buyer settings
  • added a migration to initialize account passphrases with the wallet passphrase. Also, some operations (send, purchase ticket, mixing, revoke) switched to only unlock a single account instead of unlocking an entire wallet.
  • lock new accounts after creation
  • allow restoring hex seeds up to 128 characters (including BIP0039 seeds)
  • updated design of Transactions, Proposals and Purchase tickets views
  • many smaller design tweaks
  • switched to a strict Protobuf generation without eval() and restricted to only access external servers via https in production builds using the CSP header
  • refactoring of state management, separation of concerns, dependency upgrades
  • increased test coverage
  • ~24 bug fixes
  • list proposals from on for convenience
  • verify comment and vote bundles with the new politeiaverify tool
  • list registration fee in the history of purchases
  • ~24 bugs discovered in the new version have been fixed
  • support unlocking a specific account (for Decrediton)
  • v0.2 release has finished beta testing, expect binaries and server update soon
  • v0.2 brings many improvements, including support for the upcoming Decrediton integration
  • SPV wallet support for both Decred and Bitcoin are planned in next releases this year
  • ETH development is in progress and is expected to release toward the end of Phase 2
  • for more exciting features read the update and the linked release notes
  • show Politeia proposals and notify on certain events (new proposal, vote started, vote ended)
  • database upgraded to BadgerDB


Get to know Decred contributors in the new interviews with @lukebp and @phoenixgreen.

  • Twitter followers: 44,391 (+763)
  • Reddit subscribers: 10,987 (+190)
  • Matrix #general users: 434 (+27)
  • Discord users: 1,566 (+157)
  • Telegram users: 2,645 (+51)
  • YouTube subscribers: 4,500 (+40), views: 182K (+3K)
  • GitHub dcrd stars: 591 (+2), forks: 254 (-1)


In April the Treasury received 10,949 DCR and spent 984 DCR. Using April’s average DCR rate of $198.60, this is $2.17M received and $195K spent. At March’s average rate of $161.01, the USD billed for past work is $158K. As of May 2, the Treasury balance is 672,768 DCR (140 million USD at $208.13).

  • A new proposal for funding Politeia development accompanied the deployment of v1.0.0. This proposal requests a maximum budget of $118K to cover a range of new features, expected to be delivered over a six month period. The features on this roadmap include another upgrade to the plugin architecture, user API overhaul, email-free accounts, extra metadata for proposals, proposal life cycles, and proposal author updates. The vote started on May 11.
  • The video production phase 3 proposal was approved with 98% approval and voter participation of 40%.
  • The Design domain proposal for the remainder of 2021 was approved with 97% approval and voter participation of 28%.


Hashrate: April’s hashrate opened at ~464 Ph/s and closed ~429 Ph/s, bottoming at 219 Ph/s and peaking at 587 Ph/s throughout the month.


Welcome the new vspd server from with 0.3% fee — lowest on the market as of writing. Its legacy VSP server has been removed from the listing but is still operational with 80 live tickets as of May 7.


A new process has been set up to broadcast important project announcements on multiple platforms. The “ANNs” are issued only for important updates and have much lower traffic compared to Decred’s Twitter. Matrix room #dcr is the newest addition, the other destinations being: Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Reddit, CoinGecko, Blockfolio, and Gab.

  • created/pitched 2 stories to finance and crypto publications
  • secured 2 media interviews
  • responded to 1 request for comment



  • Apr 21 — Blockchain Land — Internet. @adcade talked about “Opinions on cryptocurrencies” and the future of crypto as part of Decred participation in Blockchain Land by Talent Land. The panels were streamed in virtual worlds Decentraland and Cryptovoxels.


Selected articles:

  • Decred makes consensus change to further decentralize $128M treasury (
  • What is Decred and DCR? by Ivan on Tech (
  • Q1’21 currency sector review by Mira Christanto ( — Messari tweeted that DCR is second biggest mover after DOGE in Q1 2021
  • Luke Powell interview Decred in Depth (live) by @elima_iii (youtube)
  • Decred Society interview Decred in Depth (live) @elima_iii (youtube)
  • Decred’s proposal platform Politeia: The decision-making force behind the ~$125M Decred DAO by @Exitus (youtube)
  • The evolution of money — Decred fundamentals by @phoenixgreen (youtube)
  • Interoperability for digital cash by @phoenixgreen (youtube)
  • Decred Price Analysis — 27th April 2021 by Josh Olszewicz of Brave New Coin (youtube)
  • Decred Blockchain Analysis — Part 2 PoW wow — in Spanish by @francov_
  • Decred Journal March 2021 was translated to Arabic (@arij, @abdulrahman4), Chinese (@Dominic), and Spanish (@francov_). Thank you all!
  • @Dominic talked to Mable Jiang on 51% Podcast episode 20 titled “On Decred’s Hybrid Consensus and Collective Wisdom”, hosted by Multicoin Capital (apple,

Community Discussions

Comm systems news:

  • a new flavor of scammers are DMing people as they join #support. Please be warned, no admins or devs will ever DM you, or ask you for money!
  • r/decred now has weekly Trader Talk Thursdays and Many Musings Mondays to host content that would otherwise be removed as duplicate price talks or off-topic
  • a marketing idea to run Decred-funded mail service


In April DCR was trading between USD 169.50–243.70 / BTC 0.0031–0.0040. The average daily rate was $198.60.

Relevant External

The Fei “stablecoin” was launched in early April but defied expectations by trading at significantly lower than the target of $1. This left many investors in a position where they were unable to exit their FEI position without taking heavy losses, due to the complex and unpredictable behavior of the novel incentive and burn mechanisms. FEI did eventually attain its $1 target after about 1 month after launch.


This is issue 37 of Decred Journal. Index of all issues, mirrors, and translations is available here.

  • writing and editing: bee, degeri, l1ndseymm, richardred
  • reviews and feedback: chappjc, davecgh, jholdstock, lukebp
  • title image: saender
  • funding: Decred stakeholders



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