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Decred Journal — November 2020

Image: Restructuring II by @saender
  • The v1.6 Release Candidates have been tested by the community and received many bug fixes and user experience refinements, problems are hard to find now so that usually means graduation to a full-fledged release will happen soon.
  • dcrdex released a patch release with some edge case fixes and a stash of UI and backend improvements for the next release.
  • Funding for continued development of mobile wallets and a new GoDCR desktop wallet was approved, the funding for GoDCR also includes sponsorship of the Gio library which it uses for the interface.
  • VSPs are onboarding to vspd, and already four providers have upgraded to support the new account-less and optionally mixed tickets which Decrediton offers in v1.6.

v1.6 Release Candidate 4


  • limited mempool to not track stats for too many unconfirmed ancestor transactions. This prevents the possibility of a number of complexity attacks and speeds up block template generation for large chains of unconfirmed transactions.
  • corrected treasury vote status handling in RPC commands
  • added new fields to output of some RPC commands to indicate treasurybase and treasuryspend inputs (funds coming from the new treasury) and updated the docs
  • fixed minor sync issue in the treasury code discovered on testnet
  • default curve to generate RPC certificates changed to P-256 because Chromium (used by Decrediton) removed support for a stronger P-521.
  • gencerts tool gained the ability to generate certificates signed by a local CA certificate and key, which helps to reduce configuration complexity
  • fixed concurrency issues
  • more tests for rpcserver
  • refactored database upgrade logic to deduplicate and make it faster to write future upgrades
  • use random coin selection for all regular sends
  • save unpublished VSP fee transaction to prevent double spends across wallet restarts
  • send ticket’s parent transaction along the VSP fee address request (to register the ticket faster, the VSP needs to be aware of the output funding the ticket, which typically comes from the “split transaction” mined in the same block and not always immediately visible by the VSP)
  • use correct change account for paying VSP fees when performing a mixed ticket purchase, in order to prevent unmixed change from being used with a mixed account (there was no privacy leak because mixed VSP staking is not released yet and there was no such issue for mixed solo staking)
  • make max VSP fee configurable
  • bug fixes and documentation updates
  • updating of Trezor firmware (a step towards Trezor staking support)
  • Privacy page reworked for simplicity, following the updated design
  • help page introducing Privacy features
  • show logs on the Privacy page
  • ability to allow sending transactions from accounts other than mixed account
  • display filter for mixed transactions
  • fixed wrong change destination for privacy wallets
  • filter proposals that finished voting by their approved or rejected status
  • don’t allow to close Decrediton while certain operations are running
  • AppImage packaging where Decrediton comes as a single executable file (as a side effect this allows GNOME users to avoid having to launch it via command line)
  • removed max wallets limit
  • updated Chinese translation
  • added partial new translations to Arabic, Italian and Polish
  • many UI tweaks
  • infrastructure for tracking GitHub activity stats which will be used to ensure that developers’ progress matches their billed hours
  • stats for past invoices and GitHub contributions on the Invoice page to help admins with the review
  • multiple fixes
  • do not reject tickets with invalid vote choices (this is desirable to not stall the registration of tickets when client or server are not up to date, explained here)
  • accept optional parent transaction in fee address request (see dcrwallet section above)
  • bug fixes and code cleanup
  • completed Postgres implementation. All database tests are now run against both Bolt and Postgres. BoltDB only allows to deploy a single instance of dcrpool since it’s an embedded key/value database. With Postgres, multiple dcrpool instances can be deployed against the same Postgres database.
  • extracted errors package to support extracting database into its own package
  • bug fixes and code cleanup
  • added an IPC facility to allow parent processes (such as Decrediton) to control dcrlnd process
  • close buttons on modal dialogs
  • confirmation counts on order details page
  • batch redemption transactions to possibly save some coins on tx fees
  • visible notification when an order is revoked
  • more chart interactivity (highlight hovered orders on the depth chart and more)
  • TUI removed (:terminal lifeforms dropping little tears:)
  • do not allow trading while blockchain is syncing
  • run contract auditing asynchronously to not block incoming messages and other activities for the trade
  • improved shutdown sequence
  • avoid wallet locked errors
  • optimized memory usage of order books
  • configurable lot limits for new users and users with good swap history
  • admin functions to retrieve market data
  • faster and richer test harnesses
  • load testing bot with customizable “programs” to stress the system
  • dexc Dockerized
  • spec for DEX client’s RPC protocol to help programs other than dexctl (such as Decrediton) use the DEX client
  • fixed several edge cases
  • French translation
  • bug fixes and UI tweaks
  • bug fixes for the Markets page
  • updated to Rosetta spec v1.4.5
  • unit test coverage for every service call of the backend and the majority of the code paths
  • improved handling of connection to dcrd
  • return peer list and sync status
  • make Construction API methods usable in offline instance as required by the spec
  • press releases converted to separate pages
  • content updates
  • release tool got a bunch of upgrades to automate more steps of the release process


  • Twitter followers: 40,897 (+79)
  • Reddit subscribers: 9,982 (+45)
  • Matrix #general users: 253 (+31)
  • Discord users: 1,501
  • Telegram users: 2,339 (-55)
  • YouTube subscribers: 4,250 (+40), views: 162K (+3K)
  • LinkedIn followers: 932 (+8)
  • GitHub dcrd stars: 567 (+1), forks: 246 (+0)


  • GoDCR proposal from @raedah requested a budget of $60K to further develop (8 months) a Go-native desktop wallet using Gio library. This proposal includes a $1,000/month sponsorship of Gio, for which GoDCR has become a pioneering project. Approved with 92% support and 38% turnout.
  • A related mobile wallets proposal from @raedah requested $44K for a further 8 months of work on the Android and iOS wallets. Both mobile wallets and GoDCR share the dcrlibwallet component, which allows all three to access new features added to it. Approved with 93% support and 38% turnout.
  • A proposal from @joegruff to further develop a Decred Address Scanner Android app requested $3,000 for work already completed (app has been open source and in the Google Play store for a year) and $6,000 maximum for necessary updates and new features. By popular demand in comments Joe agreed to add compact filters support to improve privacy, and even work voluntarily if needed (because it was too late to edit the proposal with this feature). The vote was tense as the support stayed below 60% most of the time, but eventually the proposal was approved with 67% support and 34% turnout.
  • A proposal from @paris_smithson to fund artwork production and marketing for originally requested $16,800 to fund 16 artworks, was edited to drop the request by $10K (to $6,800), before ultimately being abandoned with the idea that the site will be completed before another proposal is submitted.


  • Decred network has processed 500,000 blocks!
  • there’s a new @CoinShuffle_BOT account that tweets Decred’s daily mixing stats
  • wealth distribution study by Coin Metrics has found that Decred is second after Bitcoin by their Network Distribution Factor metric (note: NDF is based on addresses and many addresses may be controlled by the same person, discussion here)




  • created and pitched one story idea to finance and crypto publications
  • responded to 3 requests for comments
  • secured 2 media interviews


  • Nov 2 — Blockchain Summit Latam — Internet. @elian gave a talk “Governance in public protocols” about the similarities and differences between several public blockchains and how does Decred stand out from these. (video)
  • Nov 5 — Hablemos Decred 20 — Internet. @elian and Fernando Quiros of Cointelegraph in Spanish talked about the possible use cases for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the context of journalism, communication and advertising. (video)
  • Nov 9 — Talent Land Latinoamerica — Internet. @adcade, @elian, @francov_ and @pablito talked about “Our money, our rules: Leaving behind the national currencies”. (video)
  • Nov 12 — Hablemos Decred 21 — Internet. Joined by guest Cristobal Pereira (CEO LatAmTech) to recap Blockchain Summit Latam and discuss perspectives for the Latam ecosystem. (video)
  • Nov 19 — Hablemos Decred 22 — Internet. Joined by guest Joaquin Moreno to discuss the topic “Companies buying Bitcoin, are you ready?”. (video)
  • Nov 19 — University of El Salvador — Internet. @adcade talked to students of the economics faculty about cryptocurrencies, Decred, governance and contribution opportunities. It was a 2 hour conference with 77 people, extended to +1 hour with ~45 people.
  • Nov 27 — Hablemos Decred 23 — Internet. Joined by @caibarrad from Decred in Spanish and guest Felipe Montoya to discuss similarities and differences between “DLTs” and crypto. (video)
  • Nov 28 — Partnership agreement with OMJD — Casablanca, Morocco. Following an online meetup with The Moroccan Organization of Young Decision Makers (OMJD) in July, @arij signed a 2-year agreement with them in order to hold meetups, workshops and conferences about Decred and blockchain technology for the benefit of the young.


  • Decred bi-weekly news update — New 1.6 release is inbound & DEX is live! by @Exitus (youtube)
  • Decred bi-weekly news update — Development progress, staking participation all-time high — and more! by @Exitus (youtube)
  • Decred — The hybrid blockchain by Decred Society (youtube)
  • Luke Powell on Decred governance, hybrid consensus, and new decentralized treasury on the Digital Cash Network (youtube,,
  • Interview with Permabull Niño (@PermabullNino) by Staked Podcast (youtube)
  • Interview with Le_Hibou_ (@Frenchy_LeDegen) by Staked Podcast (youtube)
  • Interview with L.O.L. DEFI (@loldefi) by Staked Podcast (youtube)
  • Crypto Convo — Eduardo Lima of the Staked Podcast feat. DubDigital (youtube)
  • Hitechies Podcast — Richard Red and Pramod Dhakalrr talk about DeFi challenges, ETH, banking industry, future of payment systems and more. (
  • Crypto Conversation 074 — How the Decred DEX plans to disrupt the crypto exchange market with @jy-p (, youtube)
  • Decred in Depth 33: Seth Simmons on DCR + Monero privacy (libsyn)
  • Rough Consensus 12: Bitcoin has entered the China shop. The lads are joined by @ck_SNARKs, co-host of @POVCryptoPod and Bitcoin Magazine, to discuss Bitcoin adoption, lessons from altcoin boom and bust cycles, the role of price within the cryptocurrency space, and more. (libsyn)
  • Rough Consensus 13: Digital autonomy and freedom. The spidermen are joined by Frank Braun (@thefrankbraun) in a wide ranging conversation covering: cypherpunk digital societies, privacy and freedom in the digital age, role of BTC, DCR, Scrit and others in a brighter future. (libsyn)
  • How I learned to stop worrying and love the Decred DEX — in Spanish by @francov_
  • Monero and Decred are the new Bitcoin — in Spanish by @francov_
  • Utility of cryptoassets — in Spanish by @francov_
  • Decred Journal October 2020 was translated to Arabic (@arij, @abdulrahman4), Chinese (@Dominic), Spanish (@francov_) and Vietnamese (@duyenemdo). Vietnamese readers can also catch up on August events. Thank you all for your continued work!
  • If you translate Decred content, come say hi in the #translations chat room.

Community Discussions

  • Forward Thinking Saturday Nov 14 started with the suggestion to pick “Decred is being repriced” as the new narrative
  • creating multisig addresses
  • a collection of original marketing ideas by u/oiezz and others
  • why obfuscating votes is a bad idea
  • applicability of higher-level script languages like Miniscript, Minsc or RGB to Decred
  • @PermabullNino’s diagram of value flows on dcrdex shows why injecting a token into the trade process is not necessary
  • @withdecred’s fact-packed Decred pitch thread


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About This Issue

  • writing and editing: adcade, bee, degeri, elian, l1ndseymm, richardred
  • reviews and feedback: davecgh, dnldd, jholdstock, JoeGruff, lukebp
  • title image: saender
  • funding: Decred Treasury



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