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Decred Journal — October 2021

Image: Remote Node Outpost by @saender
  • Politeia celebrated its third year of operation and had another busy development month.
  • The mobile wallets proposal from @raedah was funded for another year.
  • The GoDCR proposal was rejected but a revised proposal is being prepared. Development continues to polish the wallet for a mainnet release.
  • Changes merged in DCRDEX make it possible to pay registration fees in BTC and use a built-in SPV wallet without running a Bitcoin full node.


  • updating of indexes (transaction, address, exists address) has been made asynchronous to speed up the critical path of block validation and connection code. It allows for faster vote propagation and helps pave the way for other optimizations, sync models, and ultimately nicer data corruption recovery mechanisms.
  • simplified to use only one latest checkpoint, since intermediate checkpoints are no longer necessary with headers-first syncing
  • improved consistency and clarity of txscript package tests
  • fixed handling of automatic ticket revocations when their block is disconnected during a chain reorganization
  • fixed a data race in peer address management
  • fixed findcheckpoint and addblock tools
  • libFuzzer support has been added to dcrd’s continuous fuzzing test suite
  • implemented new UI design on LN Overview tab. Wallet, Network, and Watchtowers tabs have been grouped under a newly introduced Advanced tab.
  • new UI design for wallet modals with added password visibility toggle
  • added the ability to use random VSP in Automatic Ticket Purchases (with a configurable maximum fee)
  • automatically enable the new per-account encryption for new wallets
  • improved usability of the VSP selector
  • ~13 bug fixes
  • updated DEX integration via libdexc to utilize upcoming 0.3 features (localized UI, restore from seed, and discovery of existing accounts)
  • updated to Electron 15
  • added a new GUI tool for translating strings and a guide for community translators
  • automated tests for Accounts views
Decrediton LN Overview
  • added a standard way to show any status change. Admin that censored or abandoned the proposal is displayed along with the reason they gave for the status change.
  • support multiple billing status changes. The default is to only allow a single billing status change (from Active to Completed or Closed), but it is a configurable setting. If an admin makes a mistake, the sysadmin can temporarily update the setting to allow for the mistake to be corrected. It is also possible to temporarily disable status changes.
  • improved and standardized the identity error. The same error is now displayed anytime the user attempts to write data to Politeia without their active identity being loaded in the browser. The error message directs to the user details page to fix the issue.
  • fixed multiple comment navigation UX issues: filtering preferences being lost, Go Back button not working properly, slow loading of individual threads, UI flickering
  • ~5 other bug fixes
  • changed the method of trickling method (slow sending of votes). Previously it has sent votes in a sequence with random time intervals. This has proven to be brittle as one slow/failed send was delaying all other votes. The new method uses independent parallel voting processes that start at random times and do not affect each other, making trickling more robust.
  • added an option to abort if vote trickling cannot finish with enough extra time prior to the vote end. It alarms the user to adjust parameters so that enough time (12 hours by default) is left to retry any failed votes, which may happen over poor connections or Tor.
  • brought back printing of proposal names in inventory command
  • politeiawww codebase reorganized to move legacy APIs into a legacy package. This will make it easier to rewrite the user layer to use a plugin architecture and to allow for horizontal scaling.
  • extracted logger package to allow plugins to configure their logging and become self-contained
  • extracted websockets package (will make it easier to scale the servers)
  • extracted config handling into its own package and separated out settings for legacy API for easier removal in the future
  • moved identity handling methods to more appropriate places
  • added a generic session store (will replace the legacy one that did not have proper separation of concerns)
No free money on Politeia
  • updated to latest dcrd RPC version. Since this commit, vspd will stop working against dcrd v1.6 and start to target the master branch.
  • allow setting an alternative signing address to support VSP staking with Trezor
  • perform account discovery only once for embedded wallets (not applicable to remote wallets that are controlled externally)
  • improved quickstart docs and added a new doc summarizing the 4 operation modes (dcrd or SPV sync, remote or embedded wallet)
  • reworked register flow to accept assets other than DCR
  • added overview of current prices and 24-hour changes to the left sidebar
  • improved registration sequence and form design/animations
  • added Bitcoin SPV support to trade against BTC without managing a full Bitcoin blockchain. Built on top of Neutrino and btcwallet (old investment paying off!).
  • start BTC SPV wallet scan from a certain date to save time
  • require “zpub” extended public keys but offer to convert from “xpub” for convenience. This is for server operators willing to accept registration fees in BTC.
  • ~6 bug fixes
  • support multiple HD accounts for the same app seed, to allow registering additional accounts if the initial account is suspended. This change also retires legacy accounts with random keys to ensure all new accounts can be derived from app seed.
  • refactored client DCR backend to support alternative wallet implementations. This will be used to integrate DCRDEX into GoDCR.
DCRDEX markets overview. Shown data is not real.
  • show non-zero balances with 8 decimals
  • fixed colors and icons for the dark mode
  • added a button to quickly hide wallet balance to increase the user’s over the shoulder privacy
  • added a reminder to back up the seed words
  • cycle input fields with the Tab key
  • unified terminology about passwords and seeds
  • show more details in Politeia proposal tooltips
  • show time since last update of Politeia data
  • improved time information on Transactions page
  • added draggable scroll slider on long lists
  • allow empty password in some cases
  • ~10 bug fixes
  • implemented a custom clickable highlight effect with configurable color and borders and reused it across the app
  • updated to the latest Gio and removed code that is no longer needed
  • support custom icons on input fields
  • updated to latest dcrd, dcrwallet, and dcrdata modules
  • added function to get the timestamp of the last sync with Politeia
GoDCR Proposals view



  • 31 proposals published, of which 20 approved, 11 rejected, 2 abandoned
  • average (mean) voter participation improved considerably with 46% in year 3, compared to 31% in year 1 and 28% in year 2
  • software development proposals have increased in count, budgets, and voter support
  • marketing proposals have decreased in number so that these are no longer the dominant type, and particularly the number of marketing proposals that end with very low approval has reduced
  • the proportion of proposals from people who are already contractors has gone up from 48% in year 2 to 77% in year 3
  • the number of mixed tickets (those with extra privacy) has been increasing
  • all-time stats for 3 years: 128 proposals published, of which 66 approved, 42 rejected, 20 abandoned
Politeia’s third year


Decred hashrate May-Oct 2021
Decred ticket pool May-Oct 2021



  • pitched one story to finance and crypto publications
  • secured four media interviews
  • the news about Decred reaching 77% voter participation and marking three years of Politeia was covered by Crowdfund Insider


  • Year three of Decred’s Politeia in numbers and graphs by @richardred (
  • Decred hits governance milestone of 77% voter participation (, altered version published on
  • The Suppressor part 2: On-chain analysis by @tacorevenge (medium)
  • GoDCR progress demo of Oct 9 (twitter)
  • Decred in Depth Ep. 44 — with Coin Artist — Decred historical outlook + NFTs + Metaverse + Neon District by @elima_iii (youtube)
  • WDYT: Thoughts on Decred? Trending on CoinMarketCap by NFT Daily News (youtube)
  • Decred Price Analysis — 20th October 2021 by Brave New Coin (youtube)
  • The future is now: Steven Wagner of Raedah Group on how their technological innovation will shake up the tech scene — in Spanish by @francov_
  • Politeia Digest 47 — in Spanish by @francov_
  • Decred Journal September 2021 was translated to Arabic (@arij, @abdulrahman4), Chinese (@Dominic), and Spanish (@francov_). Thank you to all for staying around!
  • Decred presentation in Spanish by @elian (youtube)
  • Decred erklärung deutsch — die blockchain mit Lightning Network (youtube)


DCRDEX October trading volume

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  • writing and editing: bee, bochinchero, degeri, l1ndseymm, richardred
  • reviews and feedback: davecgh, lukebp
  • title image: saender
  • funding: Decred stakeholders



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