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Decred Journal — September 2020

Image: Hidden Structures on Quadratic Orbit by @saender
  • The decentralize Treasury spending PR is finally merged, after a comprehensive review process.
  • dcrdex is addressing many sophisticated trustless swap scenarios discovered in early testing, the first mainnet swap was conducted in early Oct and the MVP should be ready for general use soon.
  • The first RFP proposal on Politeia, to change messaging on, was approved, and received 4 candidate proposals. Voting will begin on these soon.
  • The on-chain metrics site, as approved by a proposal in June, has now launched.
  • The onboarding portal had its initial launch, and also had an associated proposal submitted to fund promotional giveaways, approved in early Oct.


  • one-way migration of the database to support the new treasury implementation
  • tracking of tspend (treasury spend) transactions in the mempool
  • new peer messages to relay tspend transactions as nodes startup (this is to help both mining nodes and the voting wallets discover tspends in a timely manner)
  • new RPC command to tally the vote count of tspend transactions (initially only tspends in the mempool or that were mined can be queried)
  • removed footguns from code for calculating tspend window values
  • reworked consistency in the standalone package and brought the test coverage back to 100%
  • optimized signature cache to proactively evict entries related to transactions in a block that is already 2 blocks deep
  • consolidated ban disable/whitelist logic
  • more restrictive systemd service privileges
  • updated checkpoints and min known chain work for the upcoming release
  • dependency updates to prepare for the release
  • lots of smaller improvements in test coverage, logging, error handling, etc
  • decentralized treasury spending support, including a new tool for network operators to generate treasury keys
  • warn when dumping extended public keys (if the xpub is leaked in combination with any account private key, this reveals all private keys of the account)
  • handle change for unmixed ticket buying
  • saving of unpublished transactions to the database (necessary to prevent some previous wallet outputs from being double spent across restarts, or to persist partially signed tx; this will be used by vspd clients)
  • new flag to only add tickets manually and not discover them through network sync (this flag will be used by vspd admins to prevent their users getting free votes by reusing their voting address. With this flag set, tickets can only be added to the vspd through the proper API)
  • add redeem script for P2SH listunspent results (this is for dcrdex)
  • changes to support vspd
  • implemented sendrawtransaction method
  • extensive testing by vspd and dcrdex clients helped to identify and fix numerous bugs
  • reuse checkbox component from pi-ui
  • continued refactoring to functional components and CSS modules
  • multiple bug fixes
  • added user search back
  • replaced remaining cache usage to clear the way for tlog migration
  • added LevelDB implementation for testing infrastructure
  • 2FA login with TOTP (time-based codes)
  • querying contractor’s code stats for CMS admins
  • tlog implementation on the backend and the GUI
  • store records of up to 10 vote choice changes for each ticket, for two-way accountability
  • require that dcrwallet runs in manual tickets mode
  • the PR for porting the upstream work has been updated with all work done up to v0.11.1-beta version. That’ll bring us on par with the current latest lnd release.
  • implemented order history view with filters and infinite scrolling, and order details view with all matches and relevant transaction outputs
  • show amounts locked in contracts and update balances in more cases
  • added match_status and order_status routes to recover from unusual cases discovered in testing, like laptops suspending or poor connectivity causing clients to miss the revoke_match step (restarting the dexc program fixed it but it was poor UX)
  • improved reconnection handling
  • more robust handling of missing matches
  • return active orders on connect response
  • unlock coins in more cases when no longer needed (read this random comment to get a taste of how many cases must be considered in a trustless swap protocol)
  • notify user of penalty
  • grace period for new users when cancellation rate threshold is not enforced
  • better handling of redemption when Maker goes dark after Taker swap
  • multiple inaction check fixes
  • require password for client RPC
  • opt-in debug logging in the UI
  • many internal changes and bug fixes
  • updated Chinese translation
  • bug fixes
  • bug fixes
  • updated to the v1.4.4 of the Rosetta specs which includes the ability to construct, sign, and publish transactions. The check:construction suite of tests of the corresponding rosetta-cli for this spec is passing on this PR.
  • replaced example dev proposal with a larger scale one
  • replace OS-specific collapsible sections with proper tabs
  • added Latam contributors
  • backend updates
  • Bug Bounty program posted a new update and made changes to the rules and scope based on experience with recent submissions


  • Twitter followers: 40,790 (-26)
  • Reddit subscribers: 9,929 (+23)
  • Matrix #general users: 197 (+23)
  • Discord users: 1,396 (+2)
  • Telegram users: 2,434 (-34)
  • YouTube subscribers: 4,210 (+30), views: 156K (+1.7K)
  • LinkedIn followers: 891 (+16)
  • GitHub dcrd stars: 563 (+6), forks: 248 (+2)


  • The proposal from @Exitus for video production was approved with 94.6% yes votes and turnout of 31%.
  • A proposal to promote the new site with DCR giveaways was submitted in Sep and approved in early Oct with 62% yes votes and 37% turnout.
  • A proposal to pay @alexsolo for work done in 2016–18 was rejected with 8% yes votes and turnout of 28%.
  • An RFP proposal to change the messaging on was approved with 85% approval and 29% turnout. There were 4 proposals submitted before the deadline of Sep 28, and once they are all ready run-off voting will begin. Only one of these proposals can be approved, and it still has to meet the usual approval and quorum requirements.




  • created/pitched 2 story ideas to the finance and crypto publications
  • responded to 3 requests for comments
  • responded to 2 news stories about DCR
  • an article in Authority Magazine featuring commentary by @jy-p on how Decred aims to redefine governance with blockchain technology
  • an article in AMB Crypto featuring commentary by @richardred on the ‘DeFi bubble’, syndicated to 12 news outlets including Crypto Fund Report and
  • an article in The Daily Chain featuring commentary by @davecgh clarifying details of a reported vulnerability


  • Sep 4 — Hablemos Decred 11 — Internet. @elian and guest Jose Zarate from discussed timestamping on blockchains. (video)
  • Sep 10 — Hablemos Decred 12 — Internet. @caibarrad and @elian invited David Riascos from @cLabs to talk about the importance of the community in the development of open protocols and the challenges of adoption in the cryptocurrency industry. (video)
  • Sep 17 — Hablemos Decred 13 — Internet. @adcade and @elian talked with guest Nancy Salazar from Platzi about how to start a career in technology and how to overcome the challenges of complex areas such as blockchains. (video)
  • Sep 25 — Hablemos Decred 14 — Internet. @elian and guest Eloisa Cadenas from CryptoFintech explored the origins of maximalism, the risks of such lines of thought, the future of interoperable blockchains and what are the challenges for adoption and innovation in the cryptocurrency space. The event was announced on Cointelegraph Spanish. (video)
  • Oct 15 — Hablemos Decred 17 — Internet. @elian and Gus Grilliesca will explore the future of art and cryptocurrencies.
  • Oct 17 — Introduction to blockchain API — Internet. A workshop to explore Decred blockchain with dcrdata API.
  • Oct 19 — Open Source Software Summit — Internet. @adcade will present Decred with the talk “open source contractor model in the cryptocurrency industry”.


  • Why I Decred by Decred Citizen (medium)
  • Decred on-chain: DAO + Treasury accounting by @permabullnino (medium)
  • Blockchain governance — Part 2 by @mm (
  • Meet the Disruptors: How Jake Yocom-Piatt of Decred aims to redefine governance, with blockchain technology by Tyler Gallagher (medium)
  • Monero and Decred are the new Bitcoin by John Dennehy (medium)
  • Meet the Disruptors: How Jake Yocom-Piatt of Decred aims to redefine governance, with blockchain technology — in Chinese by @Dominic
  • Politeia Digest issues 36–37 — in Arabic by @arij and @abdulrahman4
  • Decred Journal August 2020 was translated to Arabic (@arij, @abdulrahman4), Chinese (@Dominic) and Spanish (@francov_). Thank you all for spreading the word!
  • The Cost of attacking Decred by Decred Society (youtube)
  • Security and coin supply by Decred Society (youtube)
  • Going down the Decred rabbit hole by Decred Society (youtube)
  • Decred price analysis — 6th September 2020 by Brave New Coin (youtube)
  • Decred in Depth 30 with @eSizeDave and @zohand of the Decred Australia team talking about their experiences presenting Decred to various audiences — what sticks, and what misses (libsyn,
  • Decred in Depth 31 with @l1ndseymm giving her take on the role of PR, her experience of working with Decred’s community and going through the proposal process, and strategies for raising the project’s profile. (libsyn,
  • Cyber Hacker podcast: Crypto-Security and blockchain innovations featuring @jy-p (, apple)
  • Episode 0.0.1 — History of Decred
  • Episode 0.0.2 — Decred Constitution
  • Staked podcast interview with @pavel
  • Episode 0.0.3 — Decred investment thesis

Community Discussions

  • traders rejoice, #trading chat is now available via Telegram and is bridged to Matrix and Discord
  • everyone’s favorite Wall Street CEO, u/jamie-demon, has been busy publishing dcrdocs, decredpower, and DCRComic to IPFS and ZeroNet distributed web networks
  • a post about BCH funding and governance issues attracted 45 comments, mostly in response to someone complaining about DCR
  • @pavel is arranging an AMA interview and submitted a post to collect questions at the end of the month
  • in-depth discussion about the merits of CloakCoin’s Enigma privacy protocol with one of that project’s developers
  • @richardred tweeted an animated painting, titled “Ticket Price All Time Highs Again”
  • latest development news breaking on twitter from @moo31337 (Decentralize Treasury Spending) and @chappjc (dcrdex)
  • @jz asserts that Decred is a #ChadCoin


Relevant External


  • writing and editing: bee, degeri, elian, l1ndseymm, lukebp, matheusd, richardred
  • reviews and feedback: Checkmate, davecgh, jazzah, jholdstock, pavel
  • title image: saender



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