How To Buy A Hob -A Complete India Guide (2022)

How to buy the right Hob for Indian Kitchens (2022)

Pratik Agarwal


How to buy the right Hob for Indian Kitchens (2022)

What is a Hob and How is it different from a Cook-top?

Firstly, what is a Hob and how is it different from a Cook-top or the traditional gas stove. Well, the Hob is exactly like a cook-top functionally, but the only difference is that the HOB is built in or fit into a cavity in the kitchen platform.

The Hob/Cook Top is one of the most important components of the Indian Kitchen. Often, we see Women/Couples/Mothers spend maximum time for shortlisting a Hob/Cook-top for their kitchen. We’re going to make this process of buying a hob for your kitchen really easy for you. Read along

How to Select a Hob

Step 1: Selecting the Size and Number of Burners

Check the available space on your kitchen platform- you will need approx 60/70 cm of running length space to fit a 4 burner and 90 cm if you want to fit a 5 burner. 2/3 Burners will require less space.

If you’re a family of 4 or more so that there will be quite some cooking, go for a 4 Burner. With multiple things cooking at the same time on a 4 burner, you will not only save a lot of time, but also enjoy cooking. If it’s a small family or space is a constraint, go for 2/3 burner Hobs. If you have the space and you love cooking or it’s a really big family you cook for, 5 burners’ the choice you make.

Various Sizes and Number of Burners Available for Hobs

Step 2: Selecting the Finish

Hob Finishes: Black Glass, White Glass & Stainless Steel

Hobs are mainly available in 2 finishes, Stainless Steel finish and Glass finish.

Stainless Steel hobs/cooktops are the more ubiquitous variety. They are strong easy to maintain and more forgiving if you are careless. But they are not scratch proof and will lose their shine over time

Glass finish hobs/cooktops are fitted with a layer of tempered glass to enhance the beauty of the Hob, so that it adds a touch of style and sophistication to the modern kitchen. They are the go to choice for the modern buyers and most new products are with glass finish.

One needs to be careful while using a glass top, there is a chance of the glass cracking due to a heavy vessel falling on the glass top.

Step 3: Burner Material and Burner Types

Brass: Brass Burners produce intense heat and flames that spread well. They are most suited for Indian cooking. Which is why most companies have a wide range of Hobs with Brass Burners

Italian/European Burners: These burners are imported from Europe and are great looking elegant burners, but the flame intensity is lower than brass burners. They are more suited for international cooking styles.

Decure Tip: For an Indian kitchen, Brass Burners is the choice you make

Types of Burners:

Triple Flame/Ring Burners

It has 3 vertical rings of flame that spread evenly around your kadhais or pans to give quick heating

Triple Flame / Ring Burners

Multi Flame Burners

These are high intensity and extremely efficient Brass Burners with triple ring flame. They are ideal for cooking rotis directly on the burners. They are best placed for all types of Indian Cooking too.

Multi Flame Burner

Lotus Burners

Brass Burners with high intensity flame

SABAF Burners

Semi Rapid/Auxiliary Burners

The lower intensity /lower power output burners, which complement the Triple ring main burner to give the best cooking experience

Decure Tip: Go for a burner that has atleast 1 Big multi/flame or Triple ring burner

Additional Features to look for:

a. Auto Ignition:

Most Built In Hobs come with an Auto Ignition feature. With this, you do not need a separate lighter, and on turning the knob, the flame lights up automatically.

b. Electric Auto ignition:

the auto-ignition works on electricity and will need a plug point near the hob (if you are doing your kitchen, our advice is to get a power supply point with concealed wiring done near your Hob location in advance)

c. Battery operated Auto Ignition:

The auto ignition is powered by a battery fitted in the ignition mechanism. No need for an electric plug point. The batteries generally need to be changed every 6–8 months

d. Flame Failure Device (FFD):

It is a Safety device helps prevent fires due to gas leakage. The FFD will cut off gas supply as soon as the flame on the burner goes off and the gas supply is still on

e. Spill Dish:

A spill dish helps collect spilled milk/oil and thus helps in keeping the Hob clean. An essential part of the traditional cooktops, you won’t find one very often in the modern day hobs/cook-tops

f. Long Size 3 Burners:

This is a 3 Burner especially designed for narrow platform kitchens. These Hobs/cook-tops are long and thin to fit on your narrow platform — The Long Size 3 Burners let you fit a 3 burner in the space of a 2 burner.



Pratik Agarwal

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