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DECUS Network presents its new Weekly Token Series, with a waterfall in the back

Weekly Token: All you Need to Know About UPCO2

How UPCO2 is contributing to making this world a better place?

Quick infographic (by DECUS Network GmbH)

Key Facts

What is so interesting about it

How the UPCO2 token works

  1. You can simply hold the token as an investment since the token price highly depends on the underlying supply and demand. This means if more people need credits to offset their carbon emission the token should be more demanded and a price increase will follow.
  2. You can also buy the token as an easy way of offsetting your own carbon emissions in a year by one tonne CO2.
  3. The token can also work as a sort of donation when you decide to burn it forever on the blockchain, which does not seem to be a common option.

Why buy the UPCO2 token

Average price per carbon credit (by the IMF and Morgan Stanley)

Lack of liquidity

Decreasing activity of the UPCO2 token (by






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