Bridging Crypto Ecosystems in Europe 💪

Feb 19, 2018 · 6 min read

Decusis is a fullstack organisation helping entrepeneurs learn, connect and succeed in the decentralised space. As part of our mission, we are actively working to bridge the different crypto ecosystems across Europe. Through the events we’ve held over the past few months, we’ve had the opportunity to connect with the crypto communities in Berlin, London and Paris — and we were blown away by the talent, energy and the potential we’ve seen.

Berlin 🔐 — The Barycentre of Crypto Developers

It’s all revolving around Berlin. The city is impressive in its density of crypto developer talents and numerous high profile decentralised projects (see below) are based in Berlin. There is a fluidity of talents between the projects as well, with a strong sense of community among them (most of them will soon gather in the new Fullnode space dedicated to crypto). Berlin also regularly hosts world-class conferences, the next one being Blockstack Berlin on March 2nd. Basically, if you’re familiar with what it feels like walking through the talent density in Silicon Valley, Berlin gives me the same feeling in crypto.

So if you are working on a technical decentralised project in Europe, you should seriously consider relocating to Berlin. Decusis has a presence in Berlin and our buddy Hugo is probably the most bullish crypto-person in the city. Judge for yourself:

We regularly host crypto-focused meetups and dinners in Berlin. The next one is just around the corner and the line-up is incredibly exciting, with Dominik Schiener (co-founder of IOTA) & Agnieszka Sarnecka from Neufund.

London 💷— Capital and Fintech Talents Everywhere

Maybe Brexit will change this (we have our doubts!) but so far London is still clearly the “capital of capital” in Europe and also a pool of talents with deep financial and marketing expertise. If you’re doing an ICO in Europe, you would be doing a disservice to your project not to market it in London.

Project-wise, London is home to some of the most innovative financial services companies. It’s not a surprise then that most of the largest crypto exchanges in Europe are London-based (Bitstamp, Coinegg, Still in the financial services sector, B2C2, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency market makers, is also headquartered in London. Smaller startups like Luno and Kaiko also have big ambitions in the space.

Of course, London is still the de facto destination for non-European companies wanting to gain a foothold on the continent: Coinbase and Circle notably have their European headquarters established in London.

In terms of investors, some of the tier-1 VC funds in the crypto space like Libertus Capital and Fabric Ventures are already deploying capital into the most ambitious decentralised projects. However, in terms of money flows, the vast majority of institutional capital has stayed on the sidelines, whilst a growing number of family offices are starting to educate themselves (and we’re here to help!), and actively look for opportunities in the space.

As in Berlin, we regularly host meetups and crypto-focused dinners in London to help the community connect. The next one is being organised with our friends at TokenEconomy 🍹on Feb 20th.

Paris 💪— Raw Talent, Industrial Edge and Political Leadership

When it comes to crypto, France — and Paris in particular — is not short of talent or assets. Ledger, the French company behind the Nanos S hardware wallet is arguably one of the fastest growing companies in today’s crypto space. After selling 1M units last year, they just raised $75M. Tezos, one of the most technically ambitious projects in the space (they raised $212M in ICO in July 2017), is being developed by Arthur Breitmann and his Paris-based team. Besides these 2 very well-known projects, France is also home of:

A less well-known asset that France has in the crypto space is industrial leadership in security chip design and manufacturing through no less than 3 companies: STMicroelectronics, Gemalto and Thalès. These technologies are the key to enabling real-life cryptographic applications, like Ledger, for example.

On the regulatory side of things, with Brexit looming, it is expected that France and Germany will be defining the regulatory landscape for crypto. So far, by default, France has been a rather pro-crypto country with the AMF (the French version of the SEC) having an open door for cryptocurrency projects and encouraging actions such as Ark’s decision to setup its legal entity as a French SCIC. This is why it is crucial that we are pro-active in giving lawmakers pro-innovation and forward-thinking propositions on how to best regulate the field (and we started a task-force at Decusis to do just that).

Crypto Is a New Deal… And Europe Can — Must, Really — Get Ahead!

At Decusis, we firmly believe that we have in Europe the intellectual, industrial and regulatory assets that can let Europe define and capture the value of the future decentralised protocol.

Connect With Us in Paris, London or Berlin 👐

If Europe is to get ahead, the first step is to establish natural bridges and connections between crypto communities throughout Europe, pooling our resources and leveraging each other’s strengths. Decusis is committed to creating those bridges and helping the European ecosystem to thrive.

If you would like to connect with the crypto communities in Europe, attend our events and get updated on our next moves, we invite you to register to our (totally non-spammy) newsletter:


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