Joining The Family as CEO of Decusis

Nov 29, 2017 · 4 min read

I am overly excited to announce that I am joining The Family as CEO of Decusis, a full stack organization committed to advancing the crypto ecosystem through knowledge, network and capital. I’m also joining The Family as a Part-time Director with a special focus on blockchain and cryptocurrencies-related activities.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 10 years. My first real company (read: “that had tangible recurring revenues”) company was Allmyapps, which I co-founded with Arnaud Coulondre. It was the first app store for Windows, we raised €2.3M, had over 3M users and reached profitability before things started going downhill. I wrote up the whole story because it’s relatively interesting for people interested in what really goes on in a young company, it’s right over here.

The story of an almost successful startup…illustrated :)

After Allmyapps, I co-founded with David Guez. LaPrimaire is a non-profit initiative that crowdsourced the best candidate for the 2017 French presidential elections by organizing a very large-scale open primary. We gathered more than 500 candidates, engaged 120,000 citizens in the process and held the largest vote on the Ethereum blockchain to date.

My first encounter with Bitcoin was in 2011 when I installed the bitcoin client and uninstalled it a few minutes later, telling myself the UX was just plain horrible, so it would never work. A good start :)

I came back to it in 2013, got excited and started buying my first bitcoins, only to see them disappear along with the demise of Mt.Gox. After that, Allmyapps started having difficulties so I had no more money to waste on Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency for that matter). It was only with in 2015 that the opportunity came to get back at it, this time not as an investor but as a user, and since then I started developing a strong expertise on the topic.

Like many others, I am convinced that the publication of the research paper introducing bitcoin back in 2008, which gave birth to the “cryptoeconomics” field, created a new paradigm that will force us to rethink how value is being created, captured and distributed over the coming years. It will not only impact our economy but also politics and society at large. As financial speculation in the cryptocurrency space is all the rage right now, it is easy to forget that cryptoeconomics and the decentralization revolution it promises is, above all, a revolution for non-profits and open source projects. It’s finally providing those actors with a strong and powerful incentive model where value is not captured at the shareholder level but by the network participants.

It really is!

To adapt to this new paradigm, The Family needed a new kind of organization — Decusis. Decusis aims to bring The Family’s expertise to the decentralized world. Even though Decusis is a separate entity, The Family is the majority shareholder, which will enable Decusis to grow on top of the fantastic infrastructure and expertise that The Family has already built.

There is a saying in The Family: “Always start with education.” That’s why our first focus is to create a world class education program dedicated to blockchains and cryptoassets. To take on this challenge and the many others that lie ahead, I am extremely happy that David Fauchier agreed to join us. On top of being extremely smart and knowledgeable, David is one of the most positive and energetic people I’ve ever worked with.

Over the coming months, I will be detailing more of our vision in more depth, how exactly we plan to impact the ecosystem. We are just getting started on setting up our A-team so if you are interested and would like to get involved or just want to meet, don’t hesitate to ping me: thibauld [at] decusis [dot] com or on Twitter:

Looking forward to bringing a positive and impactful contribution to the ecosystem with The Family. Subscribe on to stay up to date on our latest moves!

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