Why i’m joining Decusis by The Family to do all things crypto for Europe.

I’m joining Decusis, a BFF by The Family — the wonderful bastard brainchild of Oussama, Alice and Nicolas. I’ve known the team since 2013 and watched them create more goodwill in the ecosystem than anything i’ve ever seen. I couldn’t be more excited to join.

Five years since it’s founding, The Family continues to evade succinct description. It’s a minority, strategic and long term shareholder in ~300 startups, including Agricool, CapitainTrain and Algolia. It’s built an incredible platform for it’s startups to sit on top of in the form of 30+ ridiculously kind and smart operators — here to help you with everything from branding to ghotswriting to structuring your round to raising it. And most wonderfully of all — The Family is building companies… they’re killing it… and they’re just getting started. They call them BFFs.

BFF stands for Business w/ The Family Forever. They are part-owned subsidiaries or spin-outs of The Family.

Introducing Decusis: The Family’s new BFF

I couldn’t be more excited to be joining Thibauld to help build Decusis: The Family’s new BFF. Thibauld is one of the kindest and smartest people i’ve come across, and i’m grateful for the trust he’s placed in me already.

Decusis is building connective tissue for the crypto ecosystem.

Why? Because whether you want to call it ‘crypto’, ‘blockchain’ or ‘DLT’, we are witnessing the birth of a new paradigm that will force us to rethink how we create, capture and distribute value. Over the coming decades, crypto will re-shape everything in the same way as paper, the transistor and the internet did.

The Problem

Crypto presents three unique challenges:

  1. These are protocols, and protocols are unfamiliar and deeply technical. As such they are deeply suspect and poorly understood.
  2. By their very nature, these are instantly liquid instruments. As such they lend themselves perfectly to hype and hyperbole. Putting a ticker symbol on early stage tech is always going to ruffle some feathers, and separating the noise from the ground truths is going to be harder than ever.
  3. This is a new paradigm, and because it’s new, there is no connective tissue. No Stack Overflow, no information sources, no AWS, no libraries, APIs, SDKs or App Stores. No scalability, no regulatory environment in which to operate, no captive audiences, no platforms and no institutional money.

Many of the smartest people in the world are hard at work solving these issues. We’re here to help them with Knowledge, Network and Capital.

So what does ‘connective tissue’ mean?

Think of the internet, the global financial system, or any of the large, complex networks that make our world go round. Connective tissue is what’s stitching it all together and making it work.

Your reading of this blog was made possible not by ‘the internet’, but by millions of miles of fibre optic cabling, protocols like TCP, IP and HTTP, certificate authorities like Symantec, open source libraries like jQuery, hosting services like AWS, domain registrars like GoDaddy, CDN and DNS services like Cloudflare, and non-profits like ICANN who namespace the whole thing.

All of these things work together, seamlessly and in the background, to make the magical experiences you take from granted not only possible, but virtually free to build.

If we want to mainstream crypto, we need connective tissue to collapse the cost of delivering experiences that weren’t possible before. Things like secure, unhackable identity, real supply-chain transparency, a store of value free from confiscation or destruction, and the democratisation of credit to the ~5bn people who have mobile phones but no bank accounts.

Where to start?

We have a few ideas on what we’d like to tackle first, and will be spending the remainder of 2017 refining those. We’ll have a couple things to announce in the near future, so watch this space 🚀🚀🚀.