5 College Girls Say “Thanks, Birth Control”

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Birth control means more than safe sex.

We all know the birth control is a bomb contraceptive, but what about its other amazing health benefits? Would politicians keep this little pill on the chopping block if they knew it was keeping girls in class and out of the hospital? Five college girls from across the country share how BC gets them through the day.

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1. Mallory

University of Kansas

Before the pill, Mallory’s period gave her cramps so painful they sent her to the hospital. Just a sophomore in high school, the sharp shooting pains and nausea scared her, because she didn’t know what was happening to her body. Turns out it wasn’t just your average PMS: she had ovarian cysts. These little bobbles on her ovaries did some major damage on Mallory’s daily routine. The condition kept her home sick from school and sitting out from activities, like the high school dance team.

Mallory says that going on the pill made life more manageable. She doesn’t dread getting her period anymore or have to miss out on the things she loves because of crazy cramps. Birth control helped her pain tremendously. Talking to her, she was even surprised how long it had been since she struggled with ovarian cysts, because the pill keeps her so comfortable and healthy.

Not only is BC fab for protected sex, but it keeps girls like Mal in class and playing the sports they love. We love that little pill!

2. Leah

Emory University

Leah thanks birth control for making her cycle manageable! At 14 years old, she would bleed through an ultra-size tampon in an hour. Once, she even got her period for a month straight (I can’t even.) Leah says she missed class all the time because her “Aunt Flow” caused her so much pain. Ugh.

Birth control made life so. much. easier. No cramps, no mood swings, no heavy flow mishaps. She’s recently transitioned to an intrauterine device (IUD), “because it has the minimum amount of hormones, is equally effective, doesn’t affect mood, and is a long-term solution that I don’t have to think about.”

Bottom line for Leah? “Periods really f*cking suck,” but birth control doesn’t! Big #thx to BC for keeping her happy, healthy, and in school.

3. Rose*

Kansas State University

Rose’s birth control prevents her seizures. That’s right, SEIZURES. Remember y’all, this is a medication that members of congress are trying to take of of health insurance coverage…

She started getting seizures in fourth grade but they worsened with puberty. Her doctors think this might show a link between hormones and Rose’s condition. Her cramps and migraines, “made her legs feel like Jell-O,” preventing her from holding a job and causing her to miss full weeks of school.

Rose comes from a conservative Catholic family. She was afraid her parents would think she was “trash or a slut” for going on the pill. Her medical condition made life so unbearable that with a little extra support from her boyfriend (yay male advocates!) she finally decided to give BC a try.

For only $15 a month, her migraines reduced, her cramps don’t last too long, and she has no seizures. She thanks birth control for giving her “control over her life.” Rose says,

“I hope that people across the world get to feel this… better.”

This happy ending brought to you by… BIRTH CONTROL!

4. Colleen

Tarrant County Community College

Colleen is just a girl trynna have better skin and periods that are a little less annoying. Before birth control, her cramps were the WOAT, her periods were long, and all those hormones brought along a friend called acne.

A dermatologist recommended BC for her and she couldn’t be more #thankful. After just a few months on the pill, she “felt confident in her skin” and had no “crazy bad cramps.” Colleen says the pill has helped her tremendously. #ThxBirthControl!

5. Sydney

University of Texas at Austin

For Sydney, a pill a day keeps the migraines away! She’s had migraines since she was 5 years old, but the headaches were happening every. other. week. when she started her period. Ew.

With birth control, Sydney feels more comfortable as a person because she knows when her cycle is coming and she doesn’t have to worry about migraines! She “loves schedules” (OMG) and can’t believe one little pill can relieve so much stress from her life. Whew!

Even though she started BC for migraines, she kept it a secret from her dad because of, you know, the whole sex thing. But mom was encouraging because she knew the real reasons Sydney was taking it were different than the reasons society thinks women take birth control. She says,

“I love it because it is exactly what society thinks it not. It helps me feel confident because I … have tremendously fewer migraines than before and it is as simple as a pill.”

Let’s take that one straight to the Hill, please!

Share these five stories and make it known that the pill we love is for more than protected sex (even though that reason alone is enough!) Birth control is for preventing seizures, staying in school, holding a job, getting out of bed, stopping migraines, and living life ~freely~ #ThxBirthControl!

Sophie Jerwick is a Plan II Honors, Government, and Pre-Med Junior at the Univeristy of Texas at Austin from Leawood, Kansas. She is a Deeds Not Words Research Intern with a special interest in floofy doggos.


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