Volleyball court template.Best new templates grabbing the spot on the bench.

Whiteboards and paper are still widely used by coaches in sports. Mostly because of the flexibility and simplicity to use. In the locker room and at the sports field, players and coach share their action plan and feedback with simple scribbles on the whiteboards.

Many sports teams, including even N.B.A, have embraced using tablets for the purpose. Tablets and electronics have even been approved to be used in the locker room at halftime by N.C.A.A football rules committee.

There are several coaches using Deekit today. It gives them the flexibility of a whiteboard, but also enables keeping a record that can be used for better learning over time. And obviously also sharing it with the entire team, too. We’ve been asked many times, why there are no templates dedicated to sports. A great suggestion we think. So after several discussions and testing with different coaches, we have dedicated our recently released template set to sports.

Basketball court templates, football and soccer, volleyball, hokey and even rugby among few things we’ve added.

Soccer game.
Basketball court template.
Volleyball court template.

Try out some of the templates.

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