Day 1, at Waffle Wednesday

One thing we have been looking for in the Seattle area is a community for startups. As first time entrepreneurs, we need advice and guidance, occasionally we also need support and encouragement.

I found out this Waffle Wednesday event at Startup Hall. I previously read about people skeptical about this kind of founder meetups. They said they could not get much useful from it, but found too many people looking for cofounders. Today, we went there, and I actually found it quite useful for us.

Now we are in need of guidance on marketing. We happened to meet a guy at the event, who has been the marketing consultant for several startups. He came and was looking for cofounders for his own idea, but after watching our demo, he actually shared with us some brilliant marketing strategies, which we never thought before. We will most likely try them out, and will share with you later.

More than that, we met other people, talked about their ideas, and saw their demos. Honestly it was quite eye opening. Because of this, Michael and I actually started to brainstorm about more ideas on top of what we have seen today.

A little intro about Startup Hall. Startup Hall is an organization which supports local startups in Seattle. This meeting was inside the TechStars incubator. After talking with one of staff at Startup Hall, I heard Startup Hall also provides free 30 mins advice from experienced advisors by appointment.

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