Deemaze Budapest Trip

Another chapter on our adventure book.

The gang.

At Deemaze we believe that one of the core pieces of building a successful company is having a strong team. As you should know, tech skills aren’t the only important thing in a team, having strong bonds with each other improves communication and team cohesion, which has a big impact on productivity and quality. Nothing helps to create strong bonds better than a small trip — well, maybe a big trip, but we need to keep shipping right? — so every year we visit a new place, this time we chose Budapest. I was also the latest addition to the gang, making this my first trip with them, so I was really looking forward to getting to know them a little better and spending some time with them off labour.

The three musketeers took the reins and created a 3-days guide to the Hungarian capital, and we followed it like the good employees we are.

We arrived late, and very hungary 🥁, but we just felt right at home. For those of you who don’t know that side of us, we’re big Kebab lovers, so of course we had a cool restaurant open 24h (which became very handy in the nights to come) right in front of our house. We accompanied those 🌶 pieces of heaven with some beers and got some sleep since we had a big day planned ahead.

Day 1 — We came to conquer.

We woke up early and refreshed, rushed through our showers and went out discovering. We found a nice spot to eat our breakfast and drink some smoking hot coffee, and we were ready.

It wasn’t long before we were all in love with the city. The architecture of the buildings is amazing, everything is carefully crafted to a point that it kind of felt overwhelming but all this was nothing compared to St. Stephen’s Basilica.

Its size made it spottable from afar, but all the details on it made it worth the entrance.

We continued our journey with a walk along the riverside and followed its way onto the parliament, with a few stops here and there.

Rafiki wasn’t feeling so well since a flue got the best of her, but we had a contingency plan and knew what would get her in a good mood.

The “boys band” with some members feeling shy.
For those of you who don’t know, Rafaela is moved by sugar.

Since we can’t all survive on sugar alone, we went to the Great Market Hall, the largest and oldest indoor market in Budapest. It has three floors, and has a large variety of stalls, where most of them are filled with delicious food — Hey, we’re still in development ok?! We wanted to try something typical from Hungary, so our go-to choice had to be goulash.

Great Market Hall, and some good goulash.

We shopped and walked around, getting lost as any good tourist should do. Remember how earlier we said we all loved kebabs? Well, let’s just say that if kebab is our love, beer is our lover. We found a place called “Beer Brothers”, and the name felt so right that we just had to stop there and do a beer tasting.

As you can imagine, from this point on our spirits were pretty high so we decided to eat something quick and enjoy some of the nightlife that Budapest has to offer. You would like some photos wouldn’t ya? We believe that what happens in the night, should stay in the night!

Day 2 — We might need some coffee.

Ok, you guessed it. We weren’t so fast getting out of bed in the second morning. One at a time we got ready, grabbed something to eat, and re-started our journey! This time we wanted to visit the Buda side of Budapest, and I’ll just stop and let the images do the talking.

Szechenyi Chain Bridge, Parliament view from Buda side and the Fisherman Bastion.

It was already getting dark and a well-deserved meal was in order, so we decided to head back. On the way we visited Margaret Island, where we saw an incredible fountain “dancing” to classical music. By that time it was already dark, and the city just got a different feel with all the lights turned on. Some of us even witnessed a shooting star in the jaw-dropping night sky background!

Fountain at Margaret Island, and night view from Budapest.

We had an amazing dinner at a local restaurant and followed that with another night of partying because our energy is seemingly unlimited.

Dinner at Porc & Prezli restaurant, if you’re around Budapest go have a meal there.

Day 3 — I’m not tired, you’re tired.

We were all pretty exhausted on the last day, but our Budapest guide wasn’t finished and was going out with a bang. Our last quest was to spend all our day at the Szechenyi Bath — pretty tough, right? 😛 Unfortunately, neither of us took photos so you’ll have to believe us when we say that it was incredible — Legend has it that Pipo is still lost somewhere in those hot baths. Feeling refreshed we headed to our last dinner and wild night out in Budapest.

We’re sorry if this post ended up being more of a photo gallery. But it’s hard not to when everything is so beautiful there and we’re all goddamn good photographers (except for one 😏). Concluding all this, other than the photos, we bring many experiences and stories, some that can’t be explained and others that shouldn’t be shared, all of which contributed to a stronger and happier team.

Whoever said that you shouldn’t mix friends and work couldn’t be more wrong. Waking up and going to work becomes easy when you know that you’ll be spending your time with people you enjoy being around, and just as importantly, you can count on and learn from.

As I’ve said earlier, this was my first trip with the whole team and after spending these days with them I can say for sure that I found a pretty cool team to be a part of, a small team of misfits.

The unedited photo was considered r-rated and too good to be shared with the world.