Deemaze Device Lab

You’ve been through all the pain and hard work behind developing your new mobile app. Everything looks and feels amazing. The layout is super neat and clean. You’re hyped and ready to proceed to the most exciting moment for every team working on a product: The launch. 🚀

Only a few seconds have passed and you’re already getting messages from users (yeah, that fast, the app idea was that damn good!). One of those users just sent you a print of your app and it looks a mess. You’re now thinking — “What?! 😡 This wasn’t supposed to look like this”. It still looks great on your phone and the rest of the team’s devices; your user unfortunately, has a different screen size to which you never tested before.

I guess the answer is: No. ಠ_ಠ

This is a common struggle when creating mobile products, and it led to different solutions. You have tools for remote testing, cool emulators and, what we found to be a pretty good alternative, a concept called Device Lab.

A Device Lab is a space that provides handsets, tablets, and other internet-capable devices to those interested in testing their products across a wide variety of screens and hardware. They don’t necessarily need to be the most fresh/state-of-the-art devices, instead, they need to be a better sample of what your users have in their pockets. This isn’t a new concept, and there are multiple spaces like this across the world. Unfortunately here in Coimbra, we have none that are free and open to everybody.

So we decided to build one: 👨‍🔬

The best part of this project is that it has value in a couple of different ways. First, we believe that testing physically gives you better insight than testing remotely (even though those kind of tools are useful in their own way). Second, we think that this is something that the whole tech community around us can benefit from. Having a free, open-space where creators can test, talk and share their products seems pretty good, right?

So this post is not only to raise awareness for our new baby (duh!), but to ask you to be a part of it. From now on, we’re collecting mobile devices for our Lab. As we’ve said, they don’t necessarily need to be the *insert super duper flagship name*. If you have a phone, collecting dust at your creepy basement, give it a second life. Not only that, you’re more than welcome to meet us at our lab once it’s fully functional, the ☕️ is on us.

Which kind of devices are we looking for?

We’re not only looking for Smartphones. Devices like Tablets, Wearables, TVs, Game Consoles and others are welcome. If you’re not sure if your device is of interest or not, send us an email so we can talk.

If you’re interested in helping us out or learn more about the lab, visit our landing. Don’t forget to subscribe to the lab’s newsletter to receive the most important news while they’re fresh.

If you have any doubt and want to reach out to us send us a message to