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Deemaze Software
Jan 4, 2018 · 2 min read

Deemaze is a software company based in Coimbra. We build mobile and web applications for our clients and alongside we also invest some time developing our own products. We work mainly with Objective-C, Swift, Java and Kotlin in our mobile projects; and with Ruby on Rails and React for web.

We’re a 3 years old company with a team of 8 people and our offices are at Nest Collective at Avenida Sá da Bandeira, in the heart of Coimbra.

As you probably figured out by now, we are currently looking for a developer to join us. Check our requirements and get in touch!


  • Bachelor’s degree;
  • Experience in development, deployment and maintenance of a web-based application;
  • Experience using the basic web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript and at least one backend language;
  • Familiarity in working with agile methodologies;
  • Interest in web and mobile development;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Fluent in English (both in writing and in speech).

Nice to have

If you’re looking for the section about the bonus points, you found it. Be sure to mention these when you contact us.

  • Experience in Ruby on Rails and/or React;
  • Familiarity with automated testing;
  • Experience using git;
  • Immediate availability;
  • Long-term commitment.

What we expect

We haven’t even met you, and our expectations are already pretty high! Here’s how we see you:

  • You pay attention to detail and have a sense of product ownership;
  • You are a proactive and open-minded person with the ability to think critically;
  • You can work independently, and know when to pause and ask for help;
  • You’re a team player with ambition to grow within the company;
  • You’re motivated to contribute to the company culture and community building.

Perks of being a Deemazer

We have some things to offer in return, which we hope will elevate your experience of working with us from good to amazing.

  • Flexible working hours;
  • Participation in technical conferences, meetups and hackathons;
  • Opportunity for career advancement within the company;
  • Access to the Deemaze library books;
  • Free snacks and coffee (or tea, whatever suits you!);
  • Premium Spotify account;
  • Team Building trips (2 to 3 per year);
  • Office at Nest Collective with all it has to offer (an amazing balcony with a view of Coimbra, regular events of different kinds, arcade machine, ping pong table, board games…);
  • Oh, and we also have a beer bar and a 2m² discotheque.🕺

Did we get your attention? Then it’s time to say hi and introduce yourself. No need to be formal.

Send your CV or LinkedIn profile to careers@deemaze.com

We’ll be in touch. 😉

Deemaze Writing Wall

Software agency developing products for web and mobile.

Deemaze Software

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Software agency developing products for web and mobile.

Deemaze Writing Wall

Software agency developing products for web and mobile.