Ethereum.Org Needs Updating

Introduction — Prototyping a new

Charlie Ellington
Apr 24, 2019 · 1 min read

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Why Did We Do This?

🤷🏼‍♀️ Ethereum has a market cap of ~$18 billion dollars USD at time of writing. It’s the largest open source project in the universe. It’s inspiring, solving significant problems for humanity and the bleeding edge of technology. The website is a terrible representation.

🤩 has a unique position to lead the way. Inspiring the next generation of builders and users.

👩‍💻 We built the to encourage and inspire the community (and hopefully the Ethereum Foundation) to update the website.

How Did We Do This?

😊 TL:DR: We’ve written an entire blog post:

Who Are We?

😃 To be upfront, we used this as an opportunity to inspire the community and #shill our work at .

We are a team of cross-functional experts condensing years of product design and UX experience into delightful deliverables to teams like Wyre, Hummingbot, dYdX,, Molecule, SportX, Nexus Mutual, Ramp.Network, Contentful, Uniswap, Centrifuge, N26 and Lego.


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