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Hamilton: A new song written by AI

I trained an LSTM Recurrent Neural Network (a deep learning algorithm) on all the song lyrics from Hamilton. I then asked it to produce a new song based on what it learned. Here’s the song.

All the words and character assignments are from the AI. However, I added a bit of formatting to aid readability. Also, I tried to add strategic line breaks (//) to make it rhyme as best as possible (i.e. my interpretation on how it should be sung or rapped). I bolded my suggested rhymes and soft rhymes.

Tryin’ for a glass! Split, college. Oceans same. // Outmanned Grandpa’s go… ‘specially four. To the city will stay.

Sir, this way

I challenge

Let’s know, they have two States. There is a second? // And his way Empires duel to go. Just damn it // They know wonders upside I’m on, ya number // Maybe a side! So she’s a father, sir

Work! dadada its world // show it could tell all

Let’s pull turned upside

They’re daddy, think it indispensable // paper!

Alexander, Mr. much does a having over // that’s a hero

Hear me America, What to do for a life?

I said ’cause he goes

Well the pockets of last time // All you my response

Is the doubt//I’ll be a mouth!

Here I’m drownin’ in despondent

I wrote you in the host // Ohh, I doubt I’d hope after the saints we // your dear doin’ me to more financial city

When we would Eliza’s buck // Satisfied very day // Do he revolution? // Don’t never be insane

Angelica up!

I’m talkin’ tryin’ to fight in my opinion // Wait for it, wait for our level up // we realize you is ’em

And Phillip, the sea among the South. Understand? // Thomas don’t learned to confer // Remain place into a ballroom // Immigrant, but he’s a war.

Much a mother has six uptown non-stop! Hey, alive? // In a name in pride // for your war I offered // I know this can’t win once light // We never be mine

In your gossip, in the bleeding dedicated Britain happened for our heart… He Burr and this enough?


Where’s our own though! History. We gotta be back in it, will been ushered to take the strength and I offered he just fight, ya

We listen to it to choose

I’m kill me a name on a reason to the rhythm to a groom!

I’m Secretary

If you need his unimaginable // I’m just lost my Burr, three, duel comes, resigned // to quiet shiny written writin’ very

We dream downtown // Hey, is what to a virtuosity // and Hang George Intemperate redcoats Ladies!

I have reasons for throwin’ when to provide for our side // But you can’t trust // Oh, I’m not married // my room where it cannot be off but nine

Yo, Helpless! Yeah for? If you right? // nineteen, think you upstate — and work or do to pray for our side

Doin’ down time

In a battlefield but Angelica, sir? Let’s blocks Hamilton!

Ev’ry Madison // Jefferson’s on my right mother’s up!

That’s law warm. I miss essay group // They think we elegance and night married // In a shot of a waking wasn’t on the friends on brandish // you stall tobacco is then there seized

Us face I loud? where you read one, all like it’s I have not afraid // I walk eighty-five white seven, man is Ben Bay // Burr


Unimportant. Hamilton is a air smile // His plate since I’ll have you was every plans you’ve deux alive… // in us to worry door at me piano

I am Hamilton, place, proud baby, no being face, you’re ten!

Then // freedom. Work, two more.

That’s can’t put their eyes on you looking for // the Pray that Himself, being I am calling here!

If future round time // So to be stand with me

Our buck! Who if you not got like like over guy // so all you know fighting with something in alone… If you were right // the sun take a political // But what if away long!

Alexander Burr!



Stories, songs, and speeches written by deep learning (artificial intelligence)

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