Harry Potter: Written by Artificial Intelligence

Max Deutsch
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6 min readJul 8, 2016


I trained an LSTM Recurrent Neural Network (a deep learning algorithm) on the first four Harry Potter books. I then asked it to produce a chapter based on what it learned. Here’s the chapter. (I added a bit of formatting to aid readability)

Part 1

“The Malfoys!” said Hermione.

Harry was watching him. He looked like Madame Maxime. When she strode up the wrong staircase to visit himself.

“I’m afraid I’ve definitely been suspended from power, no chance — indeed?” said Snape. He put his head back behind them and read groups as they crossed a corner and fluttered down onto their ink lamp, and picked up his spoon. The doorbell rang. It was a lot cleaner down in London.

Hermione yelled. The party must be thrown by Krum, of course.

Harry collected fingers once more, with Malfoy. “Why, didn’t she never tell me. …” She vanished. And then, Ron, Harry noticed, was nearly right.

“Now, be off,” said Sirius, “I can’t trace a new voice.”

He punished Uncle Vernon, so loudly that she could barely use it with Viktor Krum, these faces in one side of their previous year. Mr. Dursley again was this champion. He was about to give the Remembrall there…. every time he picked it, up the marble staircase toward Fred, who was rolling with pain.

“Stinking, cowardly, scummy thing to calm too, terrible — one were covered in weird ink.”

The classes became small and fluttering off her sharp eyes. “Read it aloud!”

Part 2

Ron didn’t even upset her little ingredients on the toilet, and a group of third-year girls last year. Highly bushy and then burst away from them quickly.

“Thought you’re all right?” he said.

Harry grinned at Harry. “Why should she be cheerful so while you gave detentions, Moody!”

“Or give them a hang of the fires and tell me — it’ll come and finish me in this Quidditch Diggory all been an Animagus like a moment,” Dumbledore snapped.

“Sorry, I think you please, if it will be waiting for you after this, and it’s like if Dobby has learned to register this?”

He was just getting great, look down again and — why, but the name didn’t come. Sirius had run with these telephone scabbed lips mounted on Snape’s pocket and Cornelius Fudge burst into three houses, which burst out into the office, after many candles all flickering behind him.

He found himself being 60 presented with the rest of the spot. She called Cedric, however, what seemed to have leaked changing school, so more Dark wizards. It was his father. Anyway, Peeves was going to die even if he wondered if they could.

Part 3

Voldemort smiled, his throat loudly. “What did it work? . . . not to give them a perfect old a lot of magical eye.” He didn’t show any dementors for this class, Harry Potter’s injured eye would tell anyone … he was starting to handle Percy’s up of Transfiguration.

“You … I know I’d bound him to change,” he said thoughtfully. “That says should I bring all sorts of stories. I saw myself off me?”

Harry tried to ask what was going to have confirmed. Harry watching Lupin, waving Karkaroff. “We’ll stand when I was discovered, but I won’t keep it.”

“They’re here with anyone who hears yourself wouldn’t never have to drop the Gryffindor team? The forest keeps tabs in thing that many wizards and send the drinks. “Shall I bad stuff I’d need it there and I’ve been caught after next to us…”

“He’s cheer to their advantage,” Moody retorted suddenly.

“Sorry,” Harry shouted, panicking — “I’ll leave those brooms in London, are they?”

“No idea,” said Nearly Headless Nick, casting low close by Cedric, carrying the last bit of treacle Charms, from Harry’s shoulder, and to answer him the common room perched upon it, four arms held a shining knob from when the spider hadn’t felt it seemed. He reached the teams too.

“You believe if we’ve got friendly to come down and out of the library. I think I’ve found out Potter, I asked you he had . . . me. I think he’s not telling Dobby if yeh get with our Hogwarts …”

“What are you doing, Harry?” said Hermione, staring down at her. “Would Malfoy let me easier?”

“Professor Karkaroff slipped down the steps to get the second row of silver hair?”

Harry stared at the shadowy clearing, and pointing to a long, old grin. But she had been many times more like having cards, standing all around and began to sob down the steps over the brakes and Control of Magical Creatures class just pushed with gold.

Part 4

Crabbe blundered from his long seat — and let go too than he — the end of the grounds on hair — took caught their ears.

“I know I’m you, thanks,” said Snape, looking over at him.

“A short one,” said Crouch. “Do you hang around?”

“I’ve got the card, you feeling of course if it’s using him!” Snape told Harry.

They followed him across the hall floor, threatening praise. Then he dashed down a minute by to Hedwig, who had inherited his burden, which waving them back. He did not care; he was looking forward to leave, he was still thinking. Perhaps he couldn’t make it.

Their carriage flew gold, and Dudley’s hands through a corner, emitting rich crashing noise, the toad swerved together in a cool, empty sort of way. The Snitch was very impassive. “I know how best you just put him. Because he knows that everything is guarding?” Harry said.

“You don’t think you heard them, Potter,” said Moody, “I think he’s all clammy. Terrible things, they were dead chuffed … live than that. If the thing they died?”

Harry had just been smiling.

“They took a hurry, boy,” she said nervously. “Not where you’re not going to realize like this?” said Ron grumpily. “We’re losing free, Harry?” Hermione asked. “What is you worth anything with the wait for this room ”

“I’m afraid I’ve never been paid today, I’m very sorry, if it’s deep in our Weasley”

This said you accuse me… else’s would want revenge. To Ron. Dumbledore will get out from behind a cream cake.

Part 5

Harry saw Harry’s glasses. He took handfuls at the foot of the tree, and then walked forward, underneath its glass and beckoned to do something before he changed his wand. Harry had started face-to-face with her late, and then a sudden Death Eaters fed and Madame Maxime, but was left, not sporting red, white.

“Madam Pomfrey Diggory one,” said Nearly Headless Nick

“I’ve promise you,” Hermione said gently, “by her mind till there’s about dementors me well like that. I mean, I knew tonight, because in it,”

For a second, Harry had back who seemed to said. “Come stuff — sorry — Voldemort,” Harry told the unicorn moving closer upstairs. Sirius lowered his answer.

“I thought we’d have to fine closer with us -”

“But, of course our old finger”

She shook his quill on her shoulder. Ron felt perfectly well rather than the whole time. The spell suddenly tried to believe what was sort of stone from too many people. Harry turned to stand up behind him.

Thinking that Harry didn’t speak. Now Malfoy from Charlie in places before he said, “The Mandrake forms to Hogwarts Weasley. . . . Winky?”

“Have it, he’d have to do?”

And Fred and George have cooked out hard to Dumbledore’s put away the different column Thursday morning, and the first Weasleys, felt them in to a dance journey down the marble staircase. There was also a drip Dursleys and a door — Mr. Dursley pretended at the starry gold and dragged him over onto a deep breath while Harry knocked out of Uncle Vernon’s voice. “W-what?”

They shall go straight back into rats.

“I was back to… while I believe the headmaster is rubbish at that. And the right passages, was like an angry potion ‘round every point, you want not to listen about I was going to go, but I will be worrying about it and Fudge Granger, was an Animagus.”

They would have laughed hoarsely, out of Neville’s pocket and placed it through the next brick at him, as though he were bound to hear it on the Potions leg right in Gryffindor — when Lupin muttered quietly to Dumbledore.

“Pig snout,” they bowed back to the cabinet above the table. “That’s right,” said Harry offhandedly.

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