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Silicon Valley: A new episode written by AI

I trained an LSTM Recurrent Neural Network (a deep learning algorithm) on all the episodes of HBO’s Silicon Valley. I then asked it to produce a new episode based on what it learned. Here’s the episode.

All the words and character assignments are from the AI. However, I added a bit of formatting to aid readability.

Dammit. Dammit. Dammit. Routine of their room!

We’re planning for current grid contacts, shortages, top values.

Okay. Shoulda warned here!


How was a $20,000 worth term reasonable, and then we vote to piss to everything. It was absolute. Time in safari with the board of us guys. She’d run a plumber?

I mean, he wanted you to move?

Uh, we’ll talk money. Well, since that’s the guys. Too stupid different.

All right, I’ve done the same reaction. I mean, it would be going like to say that little plastic face.

He’s not a bad decision. I saw this very tired of my vitals.

Hey, he’s clicking and burning.

And that’s the servers.

Why we don’t know that.

Okay? I think no beautiful was risk.

I did not sleep from these one-man term with you. Just very tired. I’m powered by all, you’d call me, um Jared? They keep coming. Okay? A positive step, but, um — I was what he was worried about? A spoon? It’s a shuttle. See, it’s all job. I thought I’m stalking my go-to-market strategy? You’ve never been asked to gather. I beg one shot. Chain. What?

Fuck, Laurie.

What it does to try on bandwidth. Else, sued.

Yeah. So don’t mention that. All right.

I have a water dumping people. Plus, the heels of memory like Dropbox?

You know, you guys have our mind. So, why is it.

You included the fuck the shit keys and threw increasing in Pied Piper. Oh, he should be working. OK. I keep married onto that. Jing Yang. And it’s all the answer. Are you frozen? Hold. This is Hitler.

It wasn’t in the last bonus compound. I’ve built a deal. They’re simply four years who stole his IP options. Keep a promising right through the bike billion valuation.

Oh, you believe your opinion, much? If Blaine wants it, until it crashed the same brain!

Whoa! So security arrangements in the flesh. I would love the highest bitrate to you to pay everyone in the old arbitration model, and we should dig that six hours. He probably did this. All the apps from blackjack. All right?

Uh excuse me. I need you to want to skullfuck me. Yep. I’ll see your way up, Baltimore. Bernice. Stupid. Know that’s just having something if it worked Canadian?

I really purged the Hendricks to higher plan, negative night. I made a party here, you’ll delete us. They are such fault elements in the phone. What specifically won’t do Pilates?

Just, you just do that? How I told you for a thief right? We’ve been here, I’m dead. Oh, my mother is like, well. Don’t give you flying my boss of the new home.

We’re on high in a key billion dollars for a million dollars.

See you, dude. I’m going to go with that. All right, once you don’t want to end us. Yeah, we fucked it from the board, and now I, Erlich is what emergency Man. — I got Big Head’s like this!

Yes, have it. Wait. I let them pretend that you shit a be in there, but, there’s a lot sturdier. So you teach to come to Peter Gregory.

Yeah, that’s odd. It seems super distracted. (CHUCKLES) Good. Jared did some photos.

Apparently, I think we are vulnerable, in here?

They’re going to pass on you and Gavin party that faster as he’s not? Hey, Marc, Keith does work down. No. Thank you for the board seats. Imagine right? I respect yes. — And who’s good luck.

Erlich, we can insult it using yesterday and let me.

It had a Mexican. So brutally no fucking. Holy shit. Thoroughbreds. Mr. mission is the ideas, but you’d do? Now. Of the platform has a Reddit sheet and went or keep his job. I trust themselves from us. Now, the fuck that we had our friends. No one ever crazy. I really don’t want your single release of love to you about the car in the house. Motherfuck!

Yeah, a lot, chance. Now, they write my fish. I just believe that these companies called good salaries. Huh, OK. I don’t mean… Uh Richard

Who are the sale of Hooli-Search. If you’re something, they could happen to close more by us. But you would have some deal, you’d fixed the lease for you and walk up.

Go for a very tool from free? I’m strange. Hey, put my testify? For? Please be half that ten checks.

What are you watching? Come together. Their truck, tell them to the company and then they pretend about a really over-the-top working or the customers have us in any of us right here.

OK, looks like $5 things we do it

You fucking guy! You figured it? It’s a loan. But he must have it ready. Pain is learning. One work. No. And listen, in optimal. Thank you.

Don’t be careful. Cool. Even if he stands up to binding IB angle.

How I ate the platform with you. Pulled me in options, and then it screwed out. So, we want to man right at a second? They’re over.

Well, it’s getting a laptop for thy opal of his face that links pleated down off in value of some motherfucking cathedral that you had.

Hey, Jared, the rest of me for me. Ok, what is, you can say you know, he may know right now. Are you gone on me? (CHUCKLES)

Ok, you being first. I mean, that is about the change for you threatening some new faces. The party around runway left.

Uh, um. Oh, thank you. — Hello? — Thank you. — Well, he’s still right there? Totally don’t done away not on the build, what if you doing coffee. — Wait. Keep going, business. Someone’s careful.

Did you get my seventh right with the conjoined phone with you, zero. It’s in? Don’t tell them that we build our whole CEO Dinesh if we have more? Well, if you gotta tell it’s his call that clean the volume of cup and foreigners.

What the Clinkle. Are you dog anytime. But if you do that.

Gentlemen, don’t you get spaces. I’ve seen a lot of chatter about us go holding healthy. How would you? Wait. I want her all 3D. No, I can cut into center me? — I met by all.

It’s a manipulative middle-out solution something die? Anything? What do you hack too hard pieces of next to me. Your ferret we use it? — Restart it, any morning is Laurie wrong? Gavin, the fuck?! — What is it. We know, a platform is favor as me.

Hey, like, what are you eating? Liquid shrimp. It’s over. And boy, that you should be included. What are you? Nor do we?

Lines to furnish Erlich’s hour, but the whole jaguar right. I closed this big together. I heard about it.

Sorry, not like cards the Borgias poisoned disgusting. New Video? Wait, said you have needs.

Before it’s a different friend. He was on the platform? Well, we are being the Pied Piper stock. I’m scary it’s Disrupt. It’s the CTO.

Because she’s a pro. Richard Hendricks forced to access a realistic mortgage over a couple Hooli features. All in this super-weird action-dot-erotica. Father in PR word! Or boy. No.

There you seen the beta to be around. With the worst Nucleus they scale. Something cares? Here, anatomy.

What are you not ejaculating about this?

I don’t know.

Come on, your resignation. What the fuck did you want to say Pilates. And Laurie finds over me seriously media, and anything. Hi. Monica, please. Yeah, Gilfoyle, tells me okay, timeline out, and you don’t have to let you talk from the beta.

Will you seen it up in this company. You can start down at standing and something? Well, if we, the pants is right, change an entire server member, like him. You have to liven it on Jared afloat, remember? I know it’s action with all over Lanai, my type of Intersite.

Why were we surprised that else. And lastly, you could come back to something and take every shares. — Goddamn it. You know what? I’m so glad it’s what happened. I’ll love your drink out. They know when I told you the prime diagram, break-up ever wield the last challenge.

So, I learned Ruby on Rails business for you trying to see about assuming shitty salespeople and, there’s confused. Richard. I don’t say. Yes, trust them a wheat administrator at Tech? Uh, frankly, I’m Nucleus at Pakistan.

I realize Ron let me cash the fairy Bursitis. I’m making sure that the cartons are middle-out names, CEO and smile as those Belson’s effect with strangers, literally the Phoenix of the company. Look at it. See me, people.

Great. Yes. Two, you know, after you, if you stop what I will? I might one and 11 board seats.

Oh! I know, how not? Uh Richard, scary up. Using in EndFrame. All a word ago, we can sail the guy.

Well, it appears we’re elaborate. No, hi. No. — (PHONE VIBRATES) How?

Well, I’m not not good to change that many of business. So we can hire the first witness. We are getting honest with us. Um, we must smoke ready to failure like someone or hard hired by Hooli’s Intersite?

Which shit. Three meetings we need your team on some board window. — This is the law, property there was running us, that your whole house smells like speaking or he took a shit, that’s Jackson Hole.

Anyway, I love you, husband, but I co-founded Pied Piper in rural TechCrunch Disrupt.

Richard works at you. I like the pain invites. No, he’s basically fair more than this! All of course. Unless we go. Fuck, uh, look.

I make your money saying they had AIDS. Meanwhile, my point? He’s right? Mmm. Agreed. You know that, um, it makes things that matter.

All right, homey, I suppose him really said that at CES in placing the platform? Stop, stop, stop. Wait, how I told you that means?

Right down, everyone not hurt me. Little man. We walked through a “B.” Three for them. That’s a testament to a room letting me guys. Who did you read of us first. I mean, it reads well. Tonight, to inform you the door is, this is my hearth and then you said, ever, in our bus, it’s not great. You should immediately abandon the most GPUs, and bitches. CJ. He sure would speak more other board library with cybernetic resources. No. My database children need to get those.

Anyone? This guy fucks.

Hello, Gavin. I always wanna go. OK, very shit! Holy shit. Only out, we want to lay money to Hooli?

You can keep the software. Dinesh, killed it and Gilfoyle wouldn’t have control without a app? Okay? Twitter is Hooli’s gain.



Stories, songs, and speeches written by deep learning (artificial intelligence)

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