DBC AIM Purchase Rules

  1. Number of AIMs Available to Purchase

The first batch includes 182 AIMs, or 756 GPUs, including 100 AIM Storage, 20 2GPU AIM Workstations, 30 4GPU AIM Workstations, 30 8GPU AIM Workstations and 2 128GPU large-scale AIM Clusters.

2. Who Will Qualify

DBC wallet ranking runs from June 11th 0:00 (UTC-8) to July 1st 0:00 (UTC-8). Those who are ranked among top 100 by the end of wallet ranking will be qualified to buy DBC AIMs.

3. How To Purchase

In the interest of being fair, there will be 2 rounds of purchase. The first round will be open only to the top 100 addresses and payment has to be made within the first 30 minutes. If there are still AIMs available after the first round, all addresses with enough DBC balance to purchase a storage miner can join the second round of purchase.

A step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to www.deepbrainchain.org and log in to your account before purchase starts. The first round will last 60 minutes. You shall finish payment in the first 30 minutes and the system will verify orders and payments during the second half of the hour.
  2. After an order is placed, the system will hold the corresponding number and type of AIMs for you. You have to finish payment within specified amount of time. After payment, click “Finish” button and you will see you order status change to “Awaiting Payment”, this is normal. Please patiently wait for the system’s verification.
  3. Before paying, if you want to cancel your order, click “Cancel the Order” button and the system will automatically release the AIMs held for you back to the market.
  4. The second round of purchase is open to all addresses with enough DBC balance to purchase an AIM Storage.
  5. Our staff will audit each order to make sure no one purchases more AIMs than allowed. Each user can only place one order. Do make sure you choose 2 AIMs, if you want to buy two, in one order.

4. Price and Payment

4–1. UMining Hosting Fee Explained

4–2. Dragon Datacenter Hosting Fee Explained

Important Notice:

At the beginning the bandwidth is 5MB/s both upload and download, the requirement will go up as needed, fees might increase, relevant receipt will be provided.

Notes On Payment Method:

  • When paying in DBC, you have to do the transfer from your verified NEO wallet address and transfer DBC into the only official NEO wallet address given on the “Payment Information” page;
  • After the buying is open, if you decide to use ETH as the payment method, please use the ETH address that you have filled in in ‘’My Account’’ on our official website to carry out the transaction. It cannot be an exchange address, it has to be a wallet with a private key. Transfer the amount of ETH needed to be paid to the specified ETH wallet address shown on the official website. (In your transaction, if you could make a note on what the payment was for, it would be helpful in verifying your payment and speed up the process.)
  • We will not verify transfers from or into other addresses. If you used other addresses not specified above, we will not take responsibility of the lost incurred.

If you choose home delivery:

  • Please provide the correct address so that the AIMs can be delivered to the right place.

Important Notice For Choosing ‘’Not Hosted’’

  • For those who do not need hosting, please go to our official website BEFORE official buying starts, fill in your delivery address, to avoid slowing down your buying process.
  • Both storage miners and computing miners need high bandwidth support, usual family internet bandwidth might not be sufficient, hence leading to unsatisfactory mining efficiency.
  • For computing miners to earn extra income it depends on matching the computing power in the entire network to the demands, hence, professional hosting will increase your chance of higher income, raise the mining efficiency.

5. Third Party Datacenter Information