Enterprise partnerships that matter!

As many of you know partnerships in the blockchain community often times is full of fluff and are made to maximize hype. This isn’t always the case, however it’s happened enough times that much of the community takes partnerships with a level of skepticism. Much of our community has been asking for us to release more partnerships that highlight our progress. Our development team lead by our CTO has built out the DeepCloud AI fabric so not only blockchain based Dapps can immediately start using our platform but traditional applications can do the same. This is really important in the adoption of blockchain based projects as it allows existing applications to onboard a blockchain based decentralized cloud without having to rebuild from scratch. Our partnerships with these enterprises means we’ll be running pilot projects on the DeepCloud AI platform and finding strategic ways to monetize our blockchain services.

Please keep in mind that our team is in negotiations with other enterprises as well and we’ll gradually release more partnerships as they are confirmed. Our business strategy is to capture clients in key areas in Latin America, Asia and Europe currently. Our product offerings are not limited to these regions however they are areas where we’ll focus on marketing, product refinement and enterprise scaling solutions. Along with enterprises we are also working with blockchain based companies to collaborate and build strong meaningful partnerships. We will be releasing those partnerships as they are confirmed. We appreciate our communities support and we look forward to an exciting launch!!

· Azteca Noreste, Monterrey, Mexico, Broadcaster

o http://www.info7.mx/

· TV Azteca Mexico — Red Nacional, Broadcaster

o http://www.tvazteca.com/

· Periodico El Horizonte — Monterrey, NL, Newspaper

o http://www.elhorizonte.mx/

· Zignia Live, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon , Entertainment Venues

o http://zignialive.com/

· Canal 28 — TV Nuevo Leon, Government Broadcaster

o http://www.nl.gob.mx/tv-nuevo-leon

· Canal 53 — UANL TV, University Broadcaster

o http://radioytv.uanl.mx

· Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon. University

o http://www.uanl.mx/en

· UNC Charlotte — Digital Media Department, University

o https://video.uncc.edu/

· Dalet Digital Media Systems — Media Asset Management Company

o https://www.dalet.com/

· Azteca America — Dallas, Texas, USA — Broadcaster

o http://www.aztecaamerica.com/

· Delaplex Software — Atlanta, Georgia, USA — Software Developer

o https://delaplex.com/

· Eurochannel — Miami, Florida, USA — Broadcaster

o http://www.eurochannel.com/en/

· Municipio de Tamiahua, Veracruz, Mexico, Government

· Playbox Technology Limited — Video Playout Company

o https://playboxtechnology.com/

· Grupo Uniradio — Tijuana, Mexico — Radio Broadcaster Group

o https://www.uniradio.com/

· Total Play — Mexico City, Mexico — ISP, IPTV

o http://www.totalplay.com.mx/

· Sorteos Tec — Monterrey, Mexico ,

o https://www.sorteostec.org/

· Multimedios Estrellas de Oro — Monterrey, Mexico, Broadcaster

o http://www.multimedios.com/tv

stay tuned for more!!!

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