How ASTERI Blockchain as a Service Works

Misha Hanin
Mar 25 · 2 min read
ASTERI — Multi-Chain Structure & Hybrid Consensus

A resilient “public-permissioned” ledger is combining multiple layers of trusted blockchains.

ASTERI Chain client applications can work on different sidechains, giving the choice of block producers maintained by the client or ASTERI.

The ASTERI software connectors of blockchain and sidechain allow the business not to think about the complexity of integration into current business processes. Everything happens based on an open API and allows the hot connection of existing operations in any of the sidechains.

To ensure trust in clients’ sidechains, their status will be mirrored (anchored) to the ASTERI Masterchain. To combine the sidechains in a single ecosystem ASTERI provides the ability to transfer tokens (both fungible and non-fungible) between Side-chains and the Masterchain. A token transfer is based on the atomic-swap model and works with any standard token via smart contracts deployed by ASTERI on the sidechains.

The team has researched supported blockchains and came up with a shortlist of networks, including Horizen and IBM Hyperladger.

By writing master chain block number and hash to the Horizen or IBM Hyperladger blocks, we eliminate the possibility of block data tampering on the master chain and (since sidechain block data mirrored in the master-chain) on any client sidechain as well.

With massive security of Horizen or IBM Hyperladger chains, ASTERI provides the “missing link” to carry any business logic on smart contracts quickly and securely, for the first time putting together the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) transparency and corporate-grade safety of operation.


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