Titans Get Together To Change The World!

Misha Hanin
Feb 5 · 3 min read
Titans Get Together To Change The World!

The changing format of consumption, new security requirements and the ever-increasing speed of interaction with customers pose new challenges for technology communities and businesses in the world. A new way of thinking about cutting-edge technological vision is needed to face them.

To face these challenges and continue to provide extraordinary services and state of the art technology solutions, DeepDive and Paytomat have decided to merge. The new company will provide its services under the DeepDive Group (DDG) brand, which includes DeepDive Research, iRangers (systems integrator), Gunbrig (cybersecurity services) and now Paytomat. Such products and services as Paytomat, BonBons, Asteri and ZigZag will benefit from the merge and become flagship projects of the blockchain division of our group.

We are proud to be recognized as one of the top globally known technology providers, that delivers services to global brands and works together with them and the community to forge a better and safer digital future.

Each team has a dream — to work on exciting projects. We developed what we considered crucial and needed, what can change this world to the best. Now it’s time to bring our knowledge and products to the international market and work with leaders. Joining DeepDive is an opportunity for us to work with the best and provide products and services to the best.
It is exciting to see that we are stepping up, reaching new horizons and becoming researchers of the modern, cutting-edge technologies, needed for the digital world. Of course, it motivates to have an opportunity to work together with talent that any global technology company like Google or Microsoft dreams to have on board.

— Yuri Olentir, CEO Paytomat

“Our experts have been providing high-end technology service and solutions for global giants around the world for more than 25 years. Our company grows and changes very fast, as the market demands, and we are continuously looking for more professional and passionate tech experts. One of the main tasks of the leaders is to find the right people. Do it quickly and efficiently. I do believe that the decision to team up with the professionals at Paytomat was the right action. This is a unique situation when 1+1 is equal to much more than two! The new era of the digital world has begun. Together, as a new DeepDive Generation 2 family, we will continue the digital transformation of the world.”

— Misha Hanin, CEO DeepDive Group

About Paytomat

Paytomat was conceived to make access to Decentralized Finance as easy as PayPal. Paytomat is a digital assets wallet and DLT-powered payment system, with 50K wallet users from multiple countries and 500+ merchants in pilot integration. With a global presence and 20+ regional leaders, Paytomat is making sure more users can use the cheapest cross-border payments, access instant loans and more.

About DeepDive

We presented at a glance the structure of our DeepDive Group, which includes companies, such as iRangers — everything related to Identity Management, Cloud, Infrastructure and Virtualization, DeepDive Research — the world’s leader in Blockchain Software Development and Gunbrig Security — top-notch security company, specializing in Real Life Red Team engagements, Ethical Hacking and Source Code Reviews.


An Innovation-Driven Development Provider With a Focus on…

Misha Hanin

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CEO and Co-Founder, AI, ML and Blockchain Pioneer, Cybersecurity Evangelist. Trusted Business & Technology Advisor.


An Innovation-Driven Development Provider With a Focus on Tailored, Cutting-Edge Tech Products. DeepDive research and development teams specialize in distributed ledger technology, identity management systems, artificial intelligence, digital business models and smart analytics.

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