Find Hidden Data in your Calls

If you’re like most companies out there, you’ve got a huge pile of recorded calls that you don’t know what to do with. You’d think: “there has to be something really useful in there, but how do I get it out?”.

Technology has caught up. Speech search has enjoyed astounding progress in recent years and now it’s possible to take your giant bank of phone calls and search through all of it at once.

Search for what’s said in your sales and support calls

Having a fast and accurate search capability for your calls is a boon for business insights. You can run amazing analytics on your sales and support calls, and this can be done on a massive scale — building up a primo dataset to dig into.

  • Are your CSRs saying what they should be? Search and see who gets the script right.
  • Are your customers getting upset? Search for “I don’t want that”, “too expensive”, “this isn’t right”.
  • Are sales people closing their deals? You can find out what good sales people have in common by looking at what they say.

With speech search you can see how what’s said correlates with what matters. This powerful technique is even better utilized if you look at how things things change over time. Essentially, you can link up how your latest customer interactions are affecting your bottom line.

Fixing broken iPhones

One particularly awesome use of speech search was implemented by our customer here in the Bay Area, iCracked. They solve an all-too-common problem — fixing your broken iPhone screen. When someone with a broken phone calls iCracked, they send an iTech directly to the customer. In thirty minutes the device is back to pristine condition.

iCracked has a huge amount of call data coming in — all day, every day — and they needed a way to find out how things were going in the field. We got those guys rolling with our speech analytics API and we’re glad to say we have some really nice praise:

How to use Deepgram

We’ve worked really hard to make implementation as seamless as possible and it’s down to a science. The process for looking at your calls goes like this — upload your files, get results.

We want to help people use speech search to benefit their business. Get in touch with us and we’ll do a test run on your data with a super fast turnaround. You’ll find insights you can’t get anywhere else — it’s that simple.

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Originally published at on January 14, 2016.