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DeepMap CEO James Wu Featured on Autonomous Cars Podcast with Marc Hoag

DeepMap, Inc.
Jun 24 · 3 min read

DeepMap’s Co-Founder and CEO James Wu was recently featured on the Autonomous Cars with Marc Hoag podcast. Hoag is the head of Hoag+Co, an international autonomous vehicle and urban mobility consulting firm made up of academics, engineers, startup founders, and attorneys.

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In one of the most in-depth conversations ever recorded on the podcast, the duo discussed a variety of topics related to DeepMap and the autonomous vehicle (AV) industry as a whole.

Below is a peek at some of the points covered in the discussion. You can listen to the full interview on Apple Podcasts.

As we adapt to the new reality brought on by the crisis, a side effect is that more people are thinking about how autonomy will play a critical role in health and safety issues. This unique period in time is serving as a catalyst for progress in areas like contactless delivery for medicine, food, and supplies. History has shown that the worst of times can bring about the greatest innovations. This is also a time for companies to take a hard look at their strategy, their burn rate, and their go-to-market plan. As we shelter in place in California, the DeepMap team is utilizing this time to scale up our operations, add automation to reduce inefficiencies, and map highways throughout the state as well as other U.S. and global locations.

Talent: Because the AV field is young and evolving, finding top-tier talent is difficult as companies compete for the same limited pool of candidates. DeepMap employs some of the top AI, mapping, and infrastructure engineers in the world. We are hiring now for product management and developer roles.

Affordability: High-definition maps are critical for safety in the self-driving era, but the cost of making and updating maps can be high for companies who try to do it themselves. DeepMap’s focus is on helping customers accelerate self-driving initiatives while lowering costs.

Commercialization: A complex network of manufacturers, suppliers, and tech companies will need to work in tandem to achieve commercialization on a mass scale. DeepMap sees the industry moving towards a best-of-breed ecosystem model and is collaborating with many players in the field.

Generally, tech companies are not fans of regulation at the state or federal level. But, regulation can be helpful if it enables companies to try out new ideas and to quickly see what succeeds and what fails. Good regulation supports innovation. An example of how regulation could accelerate the adoption of self-driving cars is the creation of AV-designated driving areas.

About Autonomous Cars with Marc Hoag: Created and hosted by Hoag+Co Founder and Principal Marc Hoag, Autonomous Cars with Marc Hoag is the world’s only weekly podcast dedicated entirely to autonomous vehicles. Launched in February 2018, the podcast has consistently aired two episodes per week and enjoyed spectacular growth in its audience; since the fall of 2018, it has been the first result on Google for “autonomous cars podcasts” and related queries from nearly everywhere in the world.

About DeepMap: DeepMap is accelerating safe autonomy by providing the world’s best autonomous mapping and localization solutions. DeepMap delivers the technology necessary for self-driving vehicles to navigate in a complex and unpredictable environment. The company addresses three important elements: precise high-definition (HD) mapping, ultra-accurate real-time localization, and the serving infrastructure to support massive global scaling. DeepMap was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., with offices in Beijing and Guangzhou, China. Investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Accel, GSR Ventures, Generation, Goldman Sachs, NVIDIA, and Robert Bosch Venture Capital. For more information, see

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