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Relation Extraction for DeepPavlov Library

My Google Summer of Code with DeepPavlov


About Myself

The Challenge

Demo Time: Relation Extraction for English

python -m deeppavlov download re_docred 
python -m deeppavlov train re_docred

Demo Time: Relation Extraction for Russian

python -m deeppavlov download re_rured
python -m deeppavlov train re_rured

Relation Extraction: Behind The Scenes


Relation Extraction Model



Conclusion & Future Directions



An open-source stack for deep learning end-to-end dialog systems and chatbots: library, neurosymbolic engine, conversational AI orchestrator, multiskill AI assistant platform + dev tools.

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Anastasiia Sedova

PhD Student @ University of Vienna. Currently working on weak supervision for NLP. Chief maintainer of an open-source framework Knodle.