DeepStack — Build AI powered applications offline.

APIs are one the most friendly deployment options developers and business use to integrate powerful functionalities into their applications. With all powerful APIs available only on the cloud and provided via third party servers, developers are left with no choice but to:

  • connect their applications permanently to the cloud
  • incur high API costs
  • upload their confidential user and business data to third party servers.

With the tremendous progress made in today’s Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence now stands as the next game changing technology developers will leverage to make their applications and solutions stand out. A number of Cloud service providers tried to make this happen with their cloud-based AI APIs. However, the problems that plague cloud based third party services still persists in these APIs coupled with the lack of extensible APIs. All these challenges are about to become a thing of the past.

DeepQuest AI is proud to announce the release of DeepStack, the world first offline-capable AI server that provides state-of-the-art APIs on-device and on-premise with:

  • no connection to the internet or third-party server
  • zero API costs
  • 100% data privacy.

DeepStack provides various easy to integrate state-of-the-art APIs such as

  • Face detection and recognition APIs
  • Persons, vehicles and objects detection APIs
  • Scene and environment recognition API
  • Support for custom ONNX, Keras and Tensorflow Models
  • GPU Acceleration for lightening fast APIs

DeepStack custom APIs allows you to easily add new recognition APIs for your own custom objects and custom use cases.

Thousands of developers from Home Assistant, one of the world’s largest IoT platforms use DeepStack for Home Automation and Security.

We have provided everything you need to setup DeepStack on your own computer system and start integrating cutting-edge AI APIs into your applications through the DeepStack’s Dev Center, Forum and Documentations in multiple programming languages. DeepStack can work with any application built in any programming language of your choice, which ensures you don’t have to learn a new skill to deploy AI powered applications. See the links below to install and start using DeepStack to build today.