A sneak peek at the cohort

We said we’re building the cohort as we go (not waiting until the deadline) and building groups around common areas of interest and complimentary skill-sets. We weren’t making that up! We also weren’t exaggerating when we said we’re going after the hard stuff here, not apps.

Here’s a look at a selection of the full-time participants that have been accepted and a sneak-peek at some of the skill sets and experience currently in the sprint try-outs.

Want to join them as a full time founder, as a technical / commercial fellow (1–2 days per week) or as an intern? Registration closes on the 21st of September!

Andreas Kisling Harris

PhD in control in systems in Synthetic Biology from University of Oxford with a background in complex control systems across domains including finance.

Francis Lister

PhD in carbohydrate and peptide chemistry from Manchester, 1st prize winner of Royal Society of Chemistry’s PhD research symposium and sponsored by Roche. Interested in food, pharma and bio-remediation.

Hana Janebdar

Masters in Biochemical Engineering from UCL, previously involved in two biotech start-ups, OBR, iGEM Synbio and winner of Cambridge Biohackathon. Interested in personalised healthcare.

Haidin Rashid

MA in Innovation Design Engineering from Imperial and Royal College of Art. Currently working on ideas for advanced materials from algae biofuel waste.

Jose Videira

PhD in waveguide optics modelling and photoelectrochemical water splitting at Imperial, with a particular interest in green energy sources such as algae biofuels. Worked in two venture capital backed high-tech start-ups, the first at just 16.

AbdulShakur Abdullah

Masters in Bioinformatics from Imperial with a passion for leveraging ‘omics data to proactively optimise health. Worked in multiple startups, fostering international collaborations with hospitals and developing projects with globally-renowned corporates such as Arup.

Who’s in the sprints?

Part of our application processes is to give you a way to try out a very small part of the programme before committing. We help you to set goals for a project that you’re already working on or thinking about and invite you to come back to present how far you got to other participants, and start to bounce ideas around. You get to see what it will be like, we get to see how you approach problems.

Whilst the first batch of sprints largely focused around synbio and personalised healthcare the current group is incredibly broad; one person is looking at T-cell therapy cytokine storm prediction and management, another is investigating using super low-cost transistors for DNA sequencing, someone else is looking at low-cost sustainable fabric production whilst several people are looking at novel ideas for addressing antibacterial resistance.

Join them to build something that matters this Autumn. Apply here.