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Simon Tran
Jan 24 · 2 min read

In an App-filled era, the team at DeepStream have kept up to speed and have put a lot of thought into how the platform appears across different devices, using Responsive Design. This gives us the power to have as much flexibility in design as we want.

Major breakpoints

Breakpoints are media query values which mark the switch of one device class to another. There is no standard set of breakpoints, but we use at least of 3 different break points which cover mobile, tablets and desktops of any size. Everything is designed using the actual amount of space on your screen.

Font sizes

Typography makes up 95% of the web so it we can’t have it go unnoticed. When we explored through the font world for the perfect typeface, we made sure that it maintained the overall feel of our brand but was also readable and scalable. Both our heading and body fonts are responsive so they will adjust according to the screen size, whilst maintaining the differentiation and hierarchy between one and another.

Mobile first

Designing mobile layout will help you split the primary elements with the secondary. This helps answer a lot of questions regarding the experience (for example the navigation), and makes the approach on designing for bigger devices a lot easier. Having a mobile-first approach ties in with having content-first approach. Nothing is more important in the platform than the content , and that’s what the users are here for.

These are just a few of many ideas that we took into consideration for our Responsive Design. DeepStream is made for whenever and wherever you want — whether it’s in the office, on-shore/off-shore or even on the go.

Written by Simon Tran


The business to business e-commerce platform

Simon Tran

Written by

Lead UI/UX Designer at @deepstreamtech


The business to business e-commerce platform

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