Oil & gas relationships

Simon Tran
Jan 24 · 2 min read

The procurement dating game has become laborious, time consuming and very frustrating. You’re looking for “the one” but you end up dating the same people, in the same location and they never pick up the bill!

At DeepStream we’ve created an open network of buyers and suppliers looking for love. So delete Tinder, throw the chocolates in the bin and stop sending crude messages to your ex because the commercial dating revolution is here!

The 7 Benefits of a DeepStream Relationship

1 — Financial Benefits

Despite being a state of the art procurement platform, DeepStream is free to join! We believe that to create a true marketplace of companies engaging with each other, reflective of the actual supply chain, we can’t price smaller companies out of looking for their true love.

2 — Drama-Free Relationship

Simplicity is at the heart of everything we do here at DeepStream. We’ve created a user-friendly, drama-free platform that anyone can use.

3 — Trust and Openness

Pre-qualification is an important part of developing a trusted and open relationship. We’ve built a transparent, user-friendly pre-qualification system based upon an exhaustive questionnaire that adheres to Oil & Gas Industrystandards.

4 — Social Supply Chain

Potential suitors await you on our network — the entire supply chain for Equipment & Services in Oil & Gas can use DeepStream. This includes Operators, EPCs, E&P Companies, IOCs, NOCs, Equipment Suppliers, and Services Companies.

5 — You Always Get What You Want

On DeepStream, you can use our smart search within the platform to find companies that provide what you are looking for. Our tagging system also allows you to search for very specific or very broad Equipment & Services categories.

6 — Freedom

DeepStream is all about the courtship, you can get engaged and marry who you like! We will show you the different options but the decision of who to award business to is COMPLETELY yours, as there may be other factors influencing your awarding work decision.

7 — No Strings Attached

Not ready for commitment? Sign up and have a look, or get in contact for a demo!

You can join DeepStream here.

Written by Stephen Brogdon


The business to business e-commerce platform

Simon Tran

Written by

Lead UI/UX Designer at @deepstreamtech


The business to business e-commerce platform

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