User experience crucial for oil & gas industry workers

In a fully connected world, both professionally and personally, there is a reason we like to use our smartphones and tablets — they are fun to use whilst simultaneously adding value to our day to day lives!

I meet a lot of people from Google, Microsoft and other tech companies who think that going to work is not really working. They love what they are doing because they love their products and the tools they use to create these products.

Is this the case in Oil & Gas?

We interviewed 50 engineers in the sector and 78% stated that they disliked the software that they used at work. An overwhelming number of these interviewees were past and present employees at Oil majors. If the majors can’t get it right with huge software budgets, how can the SMEs?

After conversing with several of the participants above, I found that they used outdated accounting, supply chain, project management and engineering software. This modus operandi, although respected globally, has evolved from a Lotus 123 database in the 80’s to the stalwart oil & gas software of today. They have just become too big to change!

User experience over the last decade has become somewhat of a ‘buzz word’ and rightly so as it has caught the attention of many industries not just the technology industry. Companies are trying to stimulate their customers and employees more than ever now.

Having great user experience doesn’t mean using Instagram or Facebook at work, it just means enjoying and appreciating the tools which you are using to get the job done.

Written by Adel Louertatani