Deeptent is a Singapore startup company offering a targeted iterative feedback product through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.


Deeptent was founded on 02 Jan 2017 by Choo Jek Bao and Lau Wei Loong from Singapore. It was started with the vision to deeply understand user’s purchase intention. Deeptent was originally a company focused on consumer purchase management. Later it pivoted to feedback software for businesses.

To keep business continuing while finding Deeptent’s product-market fit, Deeptent engaged in a software development contract with Accenture Singapore.

Company Affair

The first office was setup in Defu Industrial Park, and subsequently it moved to Hong Lim Complex.

In November 2017, Lau Wei Loong resigned from Deeptent due to personal reasons, and joined Accenture Singapore on 13 November 2017