“Fabulous smackdown” should be its own TV genre tbh

I’m only two episodes into Good Girls Revolt, which means that clearly I wasted more than 46 hours over the weekend doing things far less consequential than learning about 60’s newsroom/workplace discrimination. That standoff in the pilot between “Nora Ephron”/Meryl Streep’s daughter and the “Newsweek publisher” tho…

Just so much endorse

Further down on the women journalists beat: You need to read this Deadspin article on the late sports reporter Jennifer Frey, or “The writer who was too strong to live” (might we all agree that women sports journalists probably had it the worst??), and also bona-fide-voice-of-our-generation Doreen St. Felix’s analysis (“Black Teens Are Breaking The Internet And Seeing None Of The Profits”) on what Vine meant in terms of black culture appropriation and creativity in the age of the ‘net.

But also, if you are in the mood to just click around on cool shit, do check out this incredible interactive map from the New York Public Library, where they plotted out historical photos and matched them to the actual modern-day streets. Truly the golden age of surfacing archival #content, you guys.

Major h/t to Emma & Julia, friends of the Deez & forwarders of the above links.

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