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DeFi by Woonkly

Past Bubbles and Woonkly’s Sustainable DeFi Model

The Business Model is the Cornerstone of any Project

2017: From $1k to $19,783.06

BTC. Redline: all-time high of Dec 2017. Then, the big crash of Jan 2018. What goes up must come down.
Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash

Crash of Early 2018

2018–2019: Finding a New Balance

2020: COVID-19 stroke worldwide

Bubbles Always Pop

S&P500. Gray: the market was bullish. Red: the crash of Mar 20. Green: ramping up to pre-crash levels (5 months). In black, the amount of time to recover from the crash.

Woonkly’s Model is NOT a Bubble

  • A solid team,
  • A sustainable model,
  • Fully licensed for business activities,
  • A transparent ecosystem.
Woonkly token performance in LAToken, 1-month graph.
  • A community supporting the project,
  • Weekly seminars about the project evolution,
  • In-house development of new features and upgrades for the platform.




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