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Past Bubbles and Woonkly’s Sustainable DeFi Model

The Business Model is the Cornerstone of any Project

2017: From $1k to $19,783.06

The all-time high value of Bitcoin was registered on Dec 17, 2017. However, during Jan 2017, the Bitcoin price was barely around $1k — how could anyone expect a nearly x20 revalorization in 12 months? The ICO craze contributed to the pumping of the cryptocurrency, there were hundreds or even thousands of ICOs those months appearing out of the blue.

BTC. Redline: all-time high of Dec 2017. Then, the big crash of Jan 2018. What goes up must come down.
Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash

Crash of Early 2018

As many people cashed a lot of money in late 2017 thanks to the all-time pump, many more burned the following days. People believed BTC was going to pump forever — but it didn’t. Any strong movement in markets is always corrected to some extent, in that case, the price dropped by as much as 50% within days. The late buyers burned their money.

2018–2019: Finding a New Balance

The ICOs fade out in 2018 while the world slightly attempted to know about cryptocurrency. The first-time bubble had recently popped, the asset was questioned by many and condemned by others. By the end of 2018, the balance was of depreciation but it steadily crawled up in 2019 having various peaks.

2020: COVID-19 stroke worldwide

During Q1 2020 markets felt the reduction of the economic activity and cash flow. Thus, markets crashed massively, most assets have not recovered to previous levels. Bitcoin also “felt” that tendency, hitting a 30%–40% depreciation mid-March. However, soon after the price started to ramp up progressively — and so it continues today. Will we see another all-time high by the end of this year?

Bubbles Always Pop

The ICO craze created a bubble in the cryptomarkets. When it exploded, the shrapnel jeopardized users and projects alike. Moreover, the bullish trend can garner momentum much quicker than it takes to come back after a crash. There are numerous examples in the markets, let’s take a look at S&P 500:

S&P500. Gray: the market was bullish. Red: the crash of Mar 20. Green: ramping up to pre-crash levels (5 months). In black, the amount of time to recover from the crash.

Woonkly’s Model is NOT a Bubble

Telling apart projects with a solid basis from those of dubious origin is hard. Scammers often make a decent job hiding their flaws, they try to trick you into giving them money first without a second thought. Today, only the businesses with a real foundation prosper, that is the case of Woonkly.

  • A solid team,
  • A sustainable model,
  • Fully licensed for business activities,
  • A transparent ecosystem.
Woonkly token performance in LAToken, 1-month graph.
  • A community supporting the project,
  • Weekly seminars about the project evolution,
  • In-house development of new features and upgrades for the platform.


There are many projects out there. Some of them will be rock stars, most may not make it — sadly. It is a great moment to jump into the blockchain community to learn about the awesome tools being developed. However, when it comes to trusting our funds, precaution is advised.



Woonkly Provides Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Services to Revolutionize the Streaming & Advertising Industries

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