GoodGhosting excited to be part of #DeFiForThePeople

DeFi ForThePeople
DeFi for the People
3 min readSep 29, 2021


Editor’s note: Sharing GoodGhosting’s blog post announcing their launch on the Celo network.

Good news: we are launching our first pool on the Celo network 🎉 .
Celo is focused on building a mobile-first and inclusive financial ecosystem, with low-cost transactions. A brilliant match for GoodGhosting! We are all about improving your financial habits by helping you to save regularly, without discrimination or friction.

GoodGhosting joins the #DeFiForThePeople initiative

Our First Celo Pool

Here’s the important stuff — our first Celo savings pool goes lives this Wednesday: September 29th 🚀

  • The pool will run for 4 weeks in total: three weeks requiring a stablecoin deposit, followed by a one week waiting period.
  • Complete all three deposits of 20 cUSD (Celo Dollar) to earn your share of the rewards. If you miss a deposit, you can still get your initial deposit back but not earn any rewards.
  • The rewards consist of:
    - All cUSD interest that is generated in Moola
    - An additional minimum of $5 worth of CELO per participant.
    Thanks to $1000 worth of sponsorship by Celo’s DeFi for the people initiative!
    - A unique Celo-themed NFT from Mali3D
  • If you made all deposit: claim your winnings from October 27th onwards
  • And as always with GoodGhosting: the more people that forget to make their weekly deposit, the higher the earnings for the remaining savers become! 👻🔥.

But you’ll have to be quick: the pool is capped at 200 participants! First come, first served!

All winners will get an exclusive Celo-themed NFT delivered to their wallet

Getting Setup for Celo

We know many of you might not be familiar with Celo (yet). But no worries: we are preparing some guides for you to get started on your GoodGhosting Celo journey.

First of all, you will want to get yourself a wallet that is compatible with Celo. We will be supporting MetaMask (preferred for desktop), Valora (preferred for mobile) and others*. Next, you will need to obtain 80 cUSD and some CELO to participate. That’s it!

Community Call

To kick off the Celo launch, we have a Community Call on the same day. Join us for the latest GoodGhosting updates, with special guests Alon Shavit from Celo Camp / Upbright, Patrick from Moola and a few other surprises!

Register @

GoodGhosting launches on the Celo platform

Future Games

This is just the start of our Celo adventures. More pools will be going live shortly, with even bigger rewards. Keep your eyes peeled for a Halloween special launching in Oct. Or shall we say Celoween muhahahaha? 🎃

Happy saving!

The GoodGhosting Team

*Note, this is our first Celo deployment and we have tested focused our testing on MetaMask and Valora. Other wallets should work but have not be tested as thoroughly.