Combat Potion Updates

Changes to Crafting and Existing Combat Potions

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Greetings adventurers!

Today we are announcing changes that are being applied to the crafting cost of combat-related potions, as well as to those potions that have previously been crafted.

Combat Potions include:

  • Anti-Poison Potion
  • Anti-Blind Potion
  • Health Vial
  • Full Health Potion
  • Magic Resistance Potion
  • Mana Vial
  • Full Mana Potion
  • Swiftness Potion
  • Toughness Potion

Stamina Potions are not impacted by these changes. Read on to learn all the details!

Crafting Costs

The quantity of Gaia’s Tears required to craft each Combat Potion at the Alchemist has been reduced to 1/5th of the previous amount.

This means:

  • Anti-Poison and Anti-Blind Potions, Health Vials, and Mana Vials have reduced from 5 Gaia’s Tears to 1
  • Magic Resistance and Toughness Potions have reduced from 10 Gaia’s Tears to 2
  • Full Health, Full Mana, and Swiftness Potions have reduced from 20 Gaia’s Tears to 4

Additionally, with the reduced cost in Combat Potions, the Stone Carver recipes for Lesser Enhancement Stones now require 3 times the number of any Combat Potion that recipe previously called for.

Example: Lesser Chaos Stone previously required 1 Mana Vial and now requires 3 Mana Vials.

This shift in costs is meant to keep the cost of Combat Potions in line with expectations and accessibility.

Updated Potion crafting costs and descriptions

Previously Crafted Combat Potions

With this change, all existing Combat Potions have been transformed into “Potion Crates.”

These Crates are equivalent to 4x of that potion type when opened.

Potion Crates are simply a means of migrating potions from the existing contract to the new one, to ensure that players that previously crafted potions are not disadvantaged by this change in costs.

Potion Crates are solely meant to be opened, and will have no additional utility or functionality in the future.

Converting Potion Crates

To convert old Potion Crates to new potions, players can access their Inventory screen, click on a Potion Crate, and select “Open Crates.”

This will open all of the Crates for that potion type and return the new potions. For example, if a player has 5 Anti-Blind Potion Crates, clicking “Open Crate” will open all 5, and return 20 Anti-Blind Potions into the players inventory.

Contracts Interacting with Potions

All contracts that interact with potions will use the new version of potions, not potion crates. This means that the Alchemist, Stone Carver, and Item Vendor (Zada/Eevi), will craft, consume, and sell new potions, not crates. Additionally, the future “Bring Your Own Potion” functionality for combat will require new potions.

However, old potion crates will still be tradable through the DEX and at the Bazaar.

Happy Hunting and make sure to prepare for not only those dangerous Mad Boars, but the unknown enemies to come!



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