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The Seer Class skill list!

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“Still here? Fine, I’ll tell you more.” — Barkeep Kessing, I assume.

Today we bring you the skill list and background of …… the Seer! Fret not, this will not be the last alpha drop, so make sure you’re subscribed to get the latest.

**At the time of writing, all contents herein are considered “Pre-Alpha” and are therefore subject to change. We will update these contents as changes are made and date the changes for easy reference.****

The Seer

A master of the mystic arts!
*We will not be releasing animations for newly revealed classes at this time so as to not distract from the development process.*

The Seer is a class of powerful and enigmatic mystics, gifted with the ability to see beyond the veil of time and space. They are able to predict the outcomes of battles, uncover hidden weaknesses in their enemies, and offer healing to their allies in the face of danger. These gifts are profound, but the Seer’s gift of foresight is not limited to just the future, it also allows them to uncover truths and secrets in the present, enabling the most powerful amongst them to bend time to suit their needs.

The origins of the Seer class can be traced back to the ancient goddess, Skali. According to legend, Skali, the daughter of Gaia, resolved conflicts between nomadic tribes by using her foresight to predict the outcome of battles and guide the tribes to peace. The first Seers were said to be chosen by Skali herself, whose eyes were covered to fully realize the visionary power of a mere portion of her blessing. Those sightless could now see unlike any other and were tasked with carrying out her will on the mortal plane.

Her blessings can be felt to this day through the three paths of the Seer’s Codex: the Oracle, the Astrologer, and the Artificer. Each path offers unique abilities and focuses on different aspects of the Seer’s innate ability to predict outcomes. Each path presents a complex balance of spell mastery, time, and space.

The first path is that of the Oracle. These Seers are able to tap into the collective unconscious and see glimpses of the future. Time means nothing, and everything, to the Oracle. At early stages of study, a Seer focuses on defense, prediction, and enabling allies. However, some Oracles may even choose to do no harm, committing instead to guide their allies through difficult situations and to steer them safely through conflict before it even happens. As the Oracle masters their craft, time begins to bend to their will allowing them to manipulate the flow of time and chain a seemingly endless number of spells together to form countless combinations.

The second path is that of the Astrologer. These Seers are able to use the positions of the stars to predict events and divine the fates of their allies and foes. They can read the stars to determine the best time to take action, and use the heavens to navigate through treacherous terrain, turning that very terrain into an advantage through insight into the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of their enemies, striking devastating damage by pulling the heavens down to earth. The Astrologer path is often preferred by those who value strategy and planning in their quest to defeat their enemies.

Lastly is the path of the Artificer. The Artificer is able to channel and wield the power embedded deep within the great seeing stones of the realm. Rather than tapping into their own well of mana, the Artificer serves as a conduit to each stone in their arsenal, unlocking the ocean of energy stored within each stone. This energy is used to protect their allies and harm those standing in their way. The Artificer path is often preferred by those who value understanding the arcane arts in their quest to defeat their enemies.

Each path offers a unique way for Seers to use their abilities, and each path offers its own set of strengths and weaknesses. It is up to the individual Seer to choose the path that best suits their abilities and the needs of their allies. Whatever path they choose, Seers are powerful allies who can guide their allies to victory through their unique ability to predict outcomes.

One could be forgiven for mistaking the unassuming Seer to be nothing more than a simpler version of the greater class of mage. But the Seer is a true master of celestial divination and prophecy that should not be underestimated.

Combat Skills


  • *DoD: Degree of Difficulty
  • 10+ point skills cost 10 minus the cost of the basic version of the skill and require having the basic version
  • 15 point skills are only available to Heroes with a matching Class/Subclass

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