Dark Summoning

The dark day has come… Dark Summoning is now live in Crystalvale. Dark Summoning is a new feature that allows players to sacrifice two Heroes to summon a new one. Dark Summoning can be found on the Map near the Meditation Circle, or on the Menu.

How to Perform a Dark Summon

To begin you will click on the Summoner and select “Infuse Dark Crystal”.

Begin the Dark Summoning ritual

The next step will be to select your Heroes to sacrifice. Heroes that are used in this ritual are burned as a part of the cost to summon. Because the Heroes are burned, Dark Summoning carries fewer restrictions than regular summoning. However, Gen0 Heroes are not allowed to participate in the Dark Summoning ritual.

Unlike summoning which does not allow Heroes to summon with their “parents” or “siblings”, Dark Summoning allows those Heroes of a common ancestry to summon together. One or both summoning Heroes may have 0 summons and will still be allowed to summon. The newly summoned Hero will also have 0 summons in this case.

Choose your Heroes to be sacrificed in the Dark Summoning ritual

Due to the destructive nature of the Dark Summoning ritual, Hero hiring is not allowed. The player must own both Heroes involved in the process. In addition, the summoning cooldown timer is ignored for Dark Summoning.

Once your Heroes have been chosen, you can select your other options for the summon.

Add Gaia’s Tears and Enhancement Stones, and increase rarity chances for every remaining summon

Players may choose to use Enhancement Stones and infuse the new summon with Gaia’s Tears to receive stat bonuses. Your Hero must be at least Level 5 to add more Tears to the summoning crystal.

For each remaining summon that the selected Heroes have, players can spend additional CRYSTAL and Gaia’s Tears to boost the rarity chances of the summoned Hero. The cost for this boost is 0.625 CRYSTAL and 20 Gaia’s Tears per summon. Boosting rarity in this way does not affect the available summons of the new Hero.

Dark Summoning costs 1/4 the amount of CRYSTAL of standard Summoning. Once you have selected all your options, you must be sure to type in “BURN” to verify the transaction before you begin the Dark Summon and infuse the Crystal.

Complete the Dark Summoning Ritual

Once the Crystal is infused, your Heroes will be sacrificed. The next step is the summon your new Hero!

Additional Mechanics

The number of summons that the new Hero is capable of follows the same rules as standard summoning (1 less than the total of the summoning Hero with the least summons). As noted above, Heroes with 0 summons remaining can still Dark Summon.

In exchange for the sacrifice of the summoning Heroes, Dark Summoned Heroes are eligible to immediately level up to the average level of the two summoning Heroes (rounded down). No XP is necessary for these level ups, and any XP earned will not carry over. Level ups are done individually, and players can choose stats for Gaia’s Blessing and use Attunement Crystals during each one.

The base rarity chances for Dark Summoned Heroes are increased from regular Summoning as follows:

There is also a rarity floor, in which the new Hero will not have a rarity lower than the average of the two summoning Heroes (rounded down). So, a Common and a Rare will result in at least an Uncommon, and two Mythics will always produce another Mythic Hero.

The chance of receiving a Shiny Hero is increased by 5x over standard Summoning.

For more technical details on Dark Summoning, check out our whitepaper here: Dark Summoning



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