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Speaker: Dreamer

Hello everybody I’m Dreamer at Kingdom Studios where we are developing DeFi Kingdoms. As I mentioned DeFi Kingdoms is a protocol we launched last year where we are gamifying DeFi and NFTs and we’ve done that in several ways. I’ll recap what we’ve done in the past 10 months and what we have planned.

To start, behind me you see three logos. The first is Jewel. It’s used to summon new heroes into the realm. Next to it you see Crystal, which is the power token on the Avalanche ecosystem, where we launched DFK Chain earlier this year and called it DFK Chain. Our own chain because as we talk about blockchain gaming and fees what better way to control them than with our own chain. The last logo represents DFK Chain.

I’ll start by going through our roadmap.

The first thing you see is this gamified Garden. The first thing you see is a gamified garden. You might ask what does a garden represent in Defi? We started with a DEX, a decentralized exchange. There are many concepts that are hard for people not involved in Crypto and not farming in the DEX world and its hard to understand the concepts. So we simplified it. Rather than a DEX it’s a garden. Rather than LP Token, it’s a seed. You take a seed and put it in the garden and it grows Jewel as a reward for providing liquidity.

From there we launched our proprietary hero NFTs. The Heroes are meant to be the main character in the game. The Hero is a NFT that can gain experience, evolve and become stronger and more powerful. This is a great way to have the result of gameplay carry and store and build value to be traded with others as we go down this gamified ecosystem. Initially we launched with 2,000 heroes and today we have over 200,000 heroes summoned by the community.

The Heroes needed something to do, so we launched some quests. First Fishing and Foraging, which are kind of like what they sound like, in the real world you go fishing and try to catch some fish, in DFK that fish is an ERC20 token where we can choose to do many things with these tokens and resources and so can anyone else looking to build on DFK.

We also have two other quests, mining and gardening. This is where we took NFTs and crossed over to DeFi to where if you were someone providing liquidity on the DEX or in the Garden you could mine your rewards otherwise not yet available earlier and you could garden to overall increase your APY. So not only gamifying NFTs and play to earn but combining them together.

We also have a Meditation Circle. As you play with Heroes they gain experience and the experience bar fills up and you have this NFT that has been useful so far and you can go to the Meditation Circle and level up, and receive additional attributes as a result. If you think about traditional RPGs where you gain experience, your character gets stronger and its more fun, but not it also carries value as well.

You may have seen the docks on here, this is our first effort to gamify a third party protocol, Synpase bridging. If you’ve experienced being in multiple protocols and you have to get to one and bridge assets to another, you change URLs, connect wallets, its very clunky. What we’ve tried to do with DFK is with any third party protocols wanting to integrate they could be brought into our metaverse. We create the front end for their backend.

Going from the Docks from Harmony to the Avalanche Subnet, Crystalvale, our first Expansion, we had the launch of our Crystal Token. We added new heroes there as well. Very successful launch and exciting to start this multichain gaming experience.

Where are we now? We have a few items we will talk about today listed on this Q2 portion of the Roadmap. Right now we’ve expanded our quests with training quests. We have come out with the Stone Carver which takes a lot of the in game tokens and convert them into resources that enhance our summoning offering.

DFK Duel and Pets are our main topic today. We’re going to go right into Pets. In the Marketplace you can hop in to see the NPC that is there to help you hatch pets. For those unfamiliar, we talked about quests and one of the most rare items you can get from the quests are these eggs. There are four types of the eggs, and we have hatched two of the four types with different colors. The pets have come out with some awesome art and today we’ll talk about what they are used for. If you think about a game you can play and make your Hero stronger but you can also find equipment and things like companions that make your hero stronger, and that’s what these pets are intended for. As you quest you get an egg, you hatch, maybe it’s a common, maybe it’s extremely rare and have a number of different things it could buff my hero with.

But before getting into that lets talk about benefits from a biz dev perspective. All of the other games out there, I think one of the weaknesses of the blockchain and of crypto in general is that we are all developing independently, we’re on different blockchains and ideas, we have some similarities and some copy and paste where they change something small, but what we’d really like to do is partner with other games and protocols like we did with Synapse and what we are doing with BENQI from a DeFi perspective, but also to that with games. So if you are a game out there that has a pet and you come to DFK and the wallet recognizes that supported pet, maybe a new quest unlocks and maybe you can go and earn a promotional pet from this supported partner. Or maybe some of our pets could appear in other games that support pet-like characters.

We hatched pets but you can’t yet use them, that comes next. You have a Hero NFT and can quest and will be able to fight in future, but to buff that Hero a pet will be attached to or equipped to that Hero. A pet might have a benefit related to questing, to combat and battle itself and to crafting. The rarity of that pet is going to depend on how much benefit you can get. One big thing is experience. Anyone that plays games require you to farm or to sit there and gain XP, especially at higher levels, experience is very important. With all of their pets and being equipped to heroes, they’ll increase the amount of XP that they gain. Each pet will have up to 3 of potentially 10 bonuses per rarity. That will affect things like drop rates such as maybe a rune used to level up. The profession of that hero could increase by your pet. The thing I’m most excited about though is that each Hero when summoned into the realm is blessed with a very special bonus on the profession, and maybe you have a knight that you hope it’s a miner but ends up with Fishing that can’t be changed. Some of the rarest pets will have a small chance of carrying a trait where if you equip it on the hero it will give the profession bonus from wherever that pet comes from. So if I have a pet from a blue egg from fishing, and I equip that on a hero, I’m going to get extra experience when fishing and potentially going to get the fishing profession bonus as well.

Like all pets you have to take care of them and keep them happy and alive in order to get the benefit of your pet. Same with DFK, we need to feed the pets to get these special and unique buffs and bonuses on the heroes that they are attached to. That will come by way of treats. Treats will be made by consuming parts of the game that come from questing. Part of the self sustained economy we are trying to create.

Next up is DFK Duel. This has been announced to launch in June and I can say now that the plan is for next week to hit Beta. DFK Duel is a mini game. I will emphasize mini. It’s mini because we launched 10 months ago, we are setting the stage with our dex, with heroes, with land and equipment and guilds, multiple realms across chains, we have a long roadmap and in the meantime we want to have a little bit of fun. This will allow people to use their Hero NFTs that are portrayed like a trading card to compete against each other in a strategic but simple way.

There’s an associated raffle system as well. The raffle tickets will be tokens but they will be unique in that you cannot transfer them. The only way to earn them will be playing the game you can’t just go on the market and buy them. The raffles will have very exclusive and rare items and some raffles that guarantee items as well. The fun part from a development perspective and a partner perspective is that anyone using the DFK tokens to build their own games and platforms we are setting up a raffle system to include them as well where they can sync into it. Imagine walking into an arcade and the first simplified game you see is DFK Arena, or DFK Duel, or Fish fight, and they all can award the same tickets, anyone participating in the program. So now we aren’t limiting our raffle bonus system to our own native game but we are also inviting others to come build and we’ve also solved for a way to get people to come and be incentivized to play. DFK Duel starts in beta next week with the Master Raffler soon after that.

So where do we go from here? Back to the roadmap, we will be expanding our quests, further developing our overall game with PVP and PVE, how that combines into land, how that makes sense with other realms in other chains. We looking at how to think about guilds. Guilds and players that are building networks and thinking about how we can work together, how to we combine our efforts, many are already doing that and we want to combine that into the game. WE are working on equipment and crafting and pets were really the first effort at that. Really excited about the way that we can test the waters there and work craft weapons and other equipment further down the road and further enhance and level up and power up our heroes.

In the last minute I just want to express for and on behalf of the team that I represent and the community that supports us that this is not an easy time. People are calling this not a bear market but a build market. What we’ve shown today is that we are continuing to build. That is our commitment that is our goal. And trying to make every decision we can to ensure that we are continuing to build, not just on our own, but partnering with other communities, our own and others and triple AAA gaming wanting to get into blockchain gaming. If you liked this presentation, if you’ve liked DFK, if you’ve visited us and gotten some merch, please reach out. Let’s see how we can continue to innovate and innovate the space and build products and games with cross platform utility so that we can build a truly sustainable gaming and DeFi ecosystem where we are all connected so that during the next bull market or when the and when the world figures certain things out we are all better positioned to become better pioneers in the space. What I’ll end with is written on the hat. At all of our meetings and AMAs we say Bullish and that’s why we made this hat. Is this the time in the world to be bullish? I think there are investors that would agree the best time to be bullish is when everyone else is bearish. I personally am bullish on DFK and in crypto in general. I am bullish on all of the minds that have stayed committed with level heads and left emotions to the side so we can band together. Identifying the FUD but not being affected by it and continuing to build each and every one of our individual and united kingdoms.

With that, I will end with BULLISH.



DeFi Kingdoms is a Play to Earn MMORPG which is built upon a strong DeFi protocol, and which features rare and unique NFTs with built in utility. This beautifully pixelated game effectively creates a real functioning economy combining DeFi, NFTs, and metaversal elements.

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DeFi Kingdoms

A game, a DEX, a liquidity pool opportunity, a market of rare utility driven NFTs in the incredibly nostalgic form of fantasy pixel art.