DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale — Klaytn Launch Details

As we announced earlier this week, DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale will be relaunching on Klaytn on Wednesday, December 7th, 2022.

While our initial launches on Harmony and DFK Chain started small, the Klaytn launch will include many of the features of Serendale that you already know and love. This article outlines our launch plan, but feature availability is subject to change.

DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale will feature a new look for your old favorite NPCs and a map made up of familiar elements with some updated sections designed for this new launch on Klaytn.

Expected Phase 1 Features (available on launch):

Locked JEWEL and Land Snapshots & Airdrops

On November 14th at 12pm EST, a snapshot was taken of all Locked JEWEL and Land ownership. This data will be used for airdrops in Serendale and Crystalvale. Any transfers made after that time will not change the recipient address. For more details on the conversion of Locked JEWEL see the updated tokenomics schedule.

Airdrops of the following will take place on December 7:

  • Unlocked JADE (Klaytn)
  • Vesting JADE (Klaytn)
  • Locked JADE (Klaytn)
  • Vesting JEWEL (DFK Chain)

Airdrops of Locked CRYSTAL (DFK Chain) and Serendale Land (Klaytn) will take place on a later date.


Dockmaster Maria has been preparing to open the Docks and will have bridges for Tokens, Heroes, Pets, and Items available at launch.

Marketplace (DEX)

Buy and sell JADE, game resources, and other Klaytn tokens via Trader Matoya on our new Klaytn DEX.


The Gardens will offer incentivized pools that emit JADE tokens as a reward for providing liquidity. There will be both unlocked and locked JADE rewards, with an initially high emission rate that declines after each epoch. Garden emissions will begin 24 hours after Vesting and Locked JADE airdrops have been completed.

The initial pairings available in the Gardens will be as follows:



sJEWEL will go live at launch. JEWEL tokens can be staked with the Jeweler for sJEWEL to earn a portion of in-game transactions. This locking mechanism encourages staking into the protocol, and allows those who want to support the project for the long term to have more of a say and receive a larger share of the rewards.

For more information on sJEWEL (and cJEWEL, its Crystalvale counterpart), see our whitepaper.


Agent Selina and Barkeep Kessing will be ready to list your Heroes for sale and track them in the Hero Catalog.

Summoning Portal

The rift in space that opened up in Serendale has impacted the Summoning Portal. For the first few hours after launch, only Gen0 Heroes will be able to be summoned by those who have won a Gen0 Crystal in our raffles. After that, the Druids will be bringing new Heroes from the Inner Grove once again.


Profession and Training Quests will be available to your Heroes on Day 1.

For Profession Quests, that will fully include Fishing, Foraging, and Gold Mining. JADE Mining will be available to players once they have locked JADE tokens, either from the airdrop, or from claiming Gardening rewards. Gardening Quests will be immediately available, but rewards will be limited until Gardening emissions are live.

All eight Training Quests will also be ready for Heroes, each corresponding to one of the eight main stats. These include Arm Wrestling (STR), Alchemist Assistance (INT), Puzzle Solving (WIS), Card Game (LCK), Game of Ball (AGI), Dancing (END), Helping the Farms (VIT), and Darts (DEX).

Meditation Circle

The Esoteric Wanderer has once again defied time and space, and is ready to help your Heroes focus their inner essence and increase their stats by leveling up.


Hatcher Jerek will once again be ready to help you incubate your Pet eggs, He’ll also help find your Pets a new home by selling them to another player, or if necessary, he knows a nice pasture where they’ll be well taken care of.


Alchemist Herbert will be brewing up some potions in his hut for immediate consumption, hoarding for later, or crafting at the Stone Carver.

Item Vendor

Vendor Zada has completed restocking his wares, and is heading back out into the Eastern Marketplace.

Gen0 Reroll

Owners of Gen0 Heroes from Serendale 1.0 and Crystalvale will be eligible to reroll some of their Heroes’ genes to include those from the new classes. Incentives for this event will be the same as previously during the Crystalvale launch. For more details on how this process worked, see the Vithraven’s Reawakening event in our Docs.

Phase 2 Features (available shortly after launch):

Stone Carver

Garth informs us that Master Rudel has wandered off on “business” once again, and will return soon to resume his Stone Carving work.

DFK Duels

The Duelmaster has been learning some new tricks from top duelers in Crystalvale, and will be returning soon to share them with players in Adelyn.



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