Dev Update: 4/22/22

It’s been an exciting week at DeFi Kingdoms, as eight new quests were launched on 4/20 and a ton of work continued behind the scenes on upcoming releases. Let’s take a quick look at what the dev team worked on this week:

The Front-end Team took center stage with the Wednesday patch, which brought us the new Training Quests. These quests provide more XP than Professions Quests, drop gold and Attunement Crystals as rewards, and offer a new item: Pages of the Eternal Story. These particular pages, nine in total, are only available for a limited time. A tenth page, even more rare, will be available in a future quest. Players who gather all ten will be able to craft them into a collectible lore NFT, before all ten pages are retired from circulation and a new batch is launched. This patch also included the Active Quests menu, which is a huge boon to our players!

After delivering the initial Wednesday update, the Front-end Team then followed up with a series of hotfixes and a mini-patch on Thursday which provided some quality-of-life updates around Training Quest Hero sorting and fixed some Leaderboards issues that came with the original update.

Speaking of Leaderboards, the API Squad was hard at work getting Leaderboards ready for the Training Quest launch, as well as solving a pesky issue with Stamina normalization. They sprung into action post-launch to update the quest contract addresses, as well. They’re also working ahead to get ready for the launch of Heroes in Crystalvale by prepping the API for a new Tavern on DFK Chain.

A number of contracts need to be added to DFK Chain to support Heroes, and the Solidity Team has transitioned from Training Quests into the process of making Heroes, Summoning, and Auctions available on DFK Chain to get us prepped for Phase II of Crystalvale. Of course, this also requires updates to the Summoning contract to account for the new class and appearance genes coming in the expansion. They’re also hard at work interfacing with Synapse, our bridging partner, to prepare a Hero Bridge between Harmony and DFK Chain, which is no mean feat. Creating a robust bridging solution required significant work on our existing HeroCore contracts, which the team has handled this week. Our Heroes contain far more data than traditional NFTs and this bridge will be a one-of-a-kind, bespoke solution very unique to DFK.

Our Art Team has already completed the Hero art, new zones, map updates, and music needed for Crystalvale Phase II, and are absolutely crushing it with pet designs. Each pet is being drawn, animated, and placed in context on our new pet cards with our new pet backgrounds, and the work you will have seen on our social media is only a snippet of all the amazing pets to come. We’re continuing to refine the UI for pet hatching, pet sales, and the pet viewer, as well.

Wolves and Dire Wolves can be found from the snowy tundra of Crystalvale to the deep woods of the Fairling Forest. Gaining the respect of a wolf is a difficult and dangerous task, though made easier if befriended from puphood. It is possible in these situations for a wolf to become soulbound, providing a companion for life.

The Mechanics Engineers are also heads-down on pets, designing hatching (pet selection, rarity, etc), pet bonuses, and feeding mechanics. This includes work on existing and future Professions Quests that may benefit from pet bonuses. The next level of Professions Quests are already being designed and balanced, and a system for the re-roll of Gen0 genes to ensure a fair distribution of Crystalvale genetics has been finalized, as well.

Our Task Force is making amazing progress on DFK Duels, a minigame that will allow players to pit their Hero cards against one another in a simple, stat-based competition inspired by the traditional card game War, but with a DFK twist. You can look forward to seeing bonuses for your Heroes based on their backgrounds and elements and the art is looking beautiful.

Game Design continues to work on PvP and crafting systems, but shareable details remain sparse. More and more combat details are being defined each week and added to our combat simulator, and the system is beginning to take shape. We know you’re eager for details, and we promise we’ll start sharing when we can.

We’ve been very excited to see you all sharing your Pages and your Attunement Crystals in Discord and we’re excited to be working on so much new content for the future! We’re grateful every day to have such a dedicated and passionate player base and things are, as always, bullish!



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